Rachel Kneebone at Festival 2017

New work by the English artist Rachel Kneebone will be exhibited at Glyndebourne Festival 2017.

The London-based artist has created three new sculptures inspired by two of the operas being staged during the season – Cavalli’s Hipermestra and a new opera based on Hamlet, by the Australian composer Brett Dean.

Rachel Kneebone’s intricate works address and question the human condition: renewal, transformation, life cycles and the experience of inhabiting the body. Her sculptures operate in a near-subliminal space, oscillating and blurring the boundaries between the conscious and the subconscious, the real and the imagined, everything and nothing.

Working in porcelain, the material properties of her work further heighten and convey an awareness of opposing states, appearing to be not only heavy, solid and strong but also light and soft.

The White Cube at Glyndebourne exhibition is open to all Festival ticket holders from 20 May to 27 August 2017.