White Cube at Glyndebourne

Discover an inspiring space for celebrating the visual arts at Glyndebourne.

A new partnership to celebrate visual arts

Glyndebourne is partnering with White Cube, one of the most respected contemporary art galleries in the world, to bring a temporary gallery space to the annual festival.

Festival 2015 marked the first year of the partnership with White Cube, which sees the gallery house works by some of the most highly acclaimed international artists. You can read about the artists who were exhibited in 2015, 2016 and 2017 below.

Building White Cube at Glyndebourne

The simple, bold structure situated between the Mildmay restaurant and the lake has been created by the award-winning London-based architectural studio Carmody Groarke, also responsible for the temporary structure that housed the art fair Frieze London between 2011 and 2013.

Visual arts at Glyndebourne

Glyndebourne’s idyllic surroundings and world-class opera productions offer rich opportunities for inspiring visual art.

The Glyndebourne Festival has displayed art works on site for more than 50 years, from internationally renowned artists such as Sean Henry, John Stezaker and Michael Craig-Martin.

‘The Glyndebourne Festival has always offered more than opera – with the beautiful surroundings and gardens, it is an experience which unites music, performance, design and art, to stimulate and entertain all those who come here.
In 2015 we’re taking our visual art programme to another level by creating a custom-built art pavilion in the grounds and are delighted to announce the start of a collaboration with White Cube.’
– Gus Christie, Executive Chairman of Glyndebourne

Rachel Kneebone at Festival 2017

In the third year of White Cube at Glyndebourne, English artist Rachel Kneebone has created three new sculptures that will be exhibited at Glyndebourne Festival 2017.


Raqib Shaw at Festival 2016

For the second year of White Cube at Glyndebourne London-based artist Raqib Shaw created three new paintings based on two of the operas at Festival 2016

Georg Baselitz at Festival 2015

The inaugural artist of White Cube at Glyndebourne: German painter, printmaker, sculptor and draughtsman Georg Baselitz, who has consistently challenged the mainstream in his 50-year career