Wind Turbine Monthly Statistics

Wind Turbine. Photo by Leigh Simpson

The Glyndebourne turbine was commissioned on 3 December 2011. In the first eight months the turbine generated just over 1000 mwh of electricity, accounting for approximately 85% of Glyndebourne’s total electricity usage over that period, which includes two of the heaviest energy usage months of the year (during the annual Glyndebourne Festival). By 7 February 2012, all necessary meters had been installed to enable accurate measurement not only of power generated, but also the amount surplus to Glyndebourne’s requirements and exported to the grid. Full details are provided on a monthly basis on both the website and at Mill Plain, where the turbine is located.

We are delighted that many groups, including local school children, have visited the wind turbine enabling us to share the details of the installation, the mechanics of generating power and the results so far. Furthermore, the turbine has proved invaluable in providing a constant reminder to all at Glyndebourne to think about how we can all contribute to reducing our carbon impact on the environment.

An independent audit of our carbon emissions for 2011 has been undertaken – the 8th successive such audit, resulting in Glyndebourne having retained Industry Green 2 Star status (the highest awarded so far). The full report can be found here. In summary, we achieved a decrease in direct greenhouse gas emissions and emissions per performance have decreased by 6%, for 2011.

If you have any questions about the Glyndebourne turbine or any of our environmental initiatives, please contact us direct via the ‘Live Chat’ facility.

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