The Vixen Composition Project

Vixen Compostion Project from Glyndebourne on Vimeo.

The Vixen Composition Project is in partnership with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and is inspired by the new production of Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen in the Glyndebourne Festival 2012.

Led by Luke Styles - Glyndebourne Young Composer in Residence - 12 students from the East Sussex Academy of Music in Lewes and Bishop Thomas Grant School in Lambeth, London have created work for their Music A2 Level exams, using Janáček’s opera as inspiration for their final composition pieces. The resulting compositions, including a new work by Luke Styles, will be performed in the Ebert Room on Sunday 27 May at 3pm, with Glyndebourne Singers and players from the LPO. The event is free to ticket holders on this date. Please book through the Glyndebourne Box Office by calling 01273 813813.


The Vixen Composition Project is supported by the Candide Charitable Trust, the Newby Trust Limited and Glyndebourne’s New Generation Programme.


I'm so glad this video is up- what a wonderful job you guys made of it! The kids really did have an amazing time, and at least two of them are determined to become composers now!

Unfortunately due to taking a wrong turning walking over the Downs, we arrived only at 3.10pm, and found the Ebert Room door apparently locked and no sound coming from it. We concluded that either the event had been cancelled, or Glyndebourne's high standards meant no latecomers allowed - so we proceeded to the shop and then to our picnic. I wouldn't want to have interrupted the performance with the difficulty that gives for the students, but I agree with the last comment that they deserve a good sized audience - even if it is a bit late. I'd suggest you put a note on the door stating when latecomers might be able to slip in quietly, and send a staff member to collect them shortly before?

Thank you for a great day nonetheless.

I'm working as a piano teacher at an international school in Düsseldorf (Germany). Therefore I'm always interested in education projects like the "Vixen composition project" (even more, because one of my own students is composing, too.)
I think it's great that the Glyndebourne Festival includes such education projects and gives young composing students the opportunity to develop their skills and hear their pieces performed on a professional level. I just would have wished these young people, who have put half a years effort in the music performed, a greater audience, because we have just been in a small number of persons. Maybe the weather was too bright.
Towards the end of the performance the composer in residence and teacher of the young has presented one of his own compositions and here it became evident that he has found his own style already in a much higher degree. But also the students have already made a good part of their way and I wish them all luck and joy in the adventure of exploring their inner voice and developing the skills and the style of expressing it always better through the music.

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