Trees at Glyndebourne

Lake and Trees: Kevin Martin

Despite the ravages of elm disease and the destructive storms of October 1987, there are many magnificent trees in and around Glyndebourne. A tree maintenance and replanting programme is carried out each year by the gardeners and arboricultural specialists.

Whilst the chalky soil limits the range of trees we can grow, this winter we have planted several strawberry trees, Arbutus unedo, which thrive on limy soils. The tree is evergreen, with cinnamon-coloured peeling bark and fruits that resemble strawberries. In Portugal the fruits are used to make Medrohno, a strong liqueur. At Glyndebourne they will probably be left for the birds.

In the autumn of 2009 Executive Chairman Gus Christie planted an oak tree to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Festival. The tree is Quercus frainetto, one of the few oaks that will grow on chalky soil, and is planted on the right of the Upper Pond.

This planting followed the planting of an Oriental plane tree on the boat house lawn which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Festival as well as the London plane in the turning circle that was planted to mark the opening of the new opera house.

John Hoyland
Garden Advisor 

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