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    Tormented by his father’s death, Hamlet’s vengeance is thwarted by his introspection in this new opera based on Shakespeare’s best-known tragedy.


    11 June-6 July
    New commission for Festival 2017, world premiere

    Sung in English with English supertitles
    Librettist: Matthew Jocelyn
    Conductor: Vladimir Jurowski
    Director: Neil Armfield
    Orchestra: London Philharmonic Orchestra
    Cast: Allan Clayton (Hamlet), Sarah Connolly (Gertrude), Barbara Hannigan (Ophelia), Rod Gilfry (Claudius), Kim Begley (Polonius), John Tomlinson (Ghost of Old Hamlet)

    A story of betrayal, revenge and madness

    To be, or not to be. This is Hamlet’s dilemma, and the essence of Shakespeare’s most famous and arguably greatest work, given new life in operatic form in this original Glyndebourne commission.

    Thoughts of murder and revenge drive Hamlet when he learns that it was his uncle Claudius who killed his father, the King of Denmark, then seized his father’s crown and wife.

    But Hamlet’s vengeance vies with the question: is suicide a morally valid deed in an unbearably painful world?

    ‘The themes of life and death, love and betrayal have opera written all over them.’
    —Brett Dean, Composer

    Shakespeare’s Hamlet reconfigured for a world premiere

    Dean’s colourful, energetic, witty and richly lyrical music expertly captures the modernity of Shakespeare’s timeless tale, while also exploiting the traditional operatic elements of arias, ensembles and choruses.

    Matthew Jocelyn’s inspired libretto is pure Shakespeare, adhering to the Bard’s narrative thread but abridging, reconfiguring and interweaving it into motifs that highlight the main dramatic themes: death, madness, the impossibility of certainty and the complexities of action.

    Booking dates for Festival 2017

    1 December 2016
    Ballot deadline for Glyndebourne Members

    16 January 2017
    Ballot deadline for Glyndebourne Associate Members

    27 February 2017
    Priority booking opens for Glyndebourne Under 30s

    5 March 2017
    Public booking opens online at 6.00pm

    How to book

    Hamlet is generously supported by The Monument Trust

    World premiere supported by a Syndicate of Individuals

  • Cast and creative team

    Creative team

    Composer Brett Dean
    Librettist Matthew Jocelyn
    Conductor Vladimir Jurowski
    Director Neil Armfield
    Set Designer Ralph Myers
    Costume Designer Alice Babidge
    Movement Director Denni Sayers
    Lighting Designer Jon Clark

    Cast includes

    Hamlet Allan Clayton
    Gertrude Sarah Connolly
    Ophelia Barbara Hannigan
    Claudius Rod Gilfry
    Polonius Kim Begley
    Ghost of Old Hamlet John Tomlinson
    Horatio Jacques Imbrailo
    Laertes David Butt Philip
    Rosencrantz David Hansen
    Guildenstern Christopher Lowrey

    London Philharmonic Orchestra
    The Glyndebourne Chorus

    By kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes Publishers Ltd.

  • Dates and times


    Date Start Long interval Finish Price band
    Sun 11 June 4.45pm 6.00pm 8.25pm 4
    Tue 13 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4
    Sat 17 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4
    Wed 21 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4
    Sat 24 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4
    Tue 27 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4
    Fri 30 June 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4


    Date Start Long interval Finish Price band
    Thu 6 July 5.00pm 6.15pm 8.40pm 4