Technical specifications for Glyndebourne live streaming

Our live streamings can be accessed on both PC and Mac platforms with most major browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is also available for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (above iOS 3) and Android OS devices that allow flash playback

Quality settings for the Live streaming:

High - 1280 x 720 px @ 1592kbps (1400 video/192 audio)

Mid - 640 x 360 px @ 860kbps (700 video/160 audio)

Low - 512 x 288 px @ 512kbps (400 video/128 audio)

Broadband connection recommended.

Why is there a time limit?

Due to demand from other customers seats are reserved for a maximum of 20 minutes in order to allow you to complete your purchase. If the order has not been completed within this time, all seats will be removed from your basket.