Stephanie d’Oustrac - Ravel Double Bill

L’heure espagnole 2012 (Stephanie d’Oustrac). Photo by Simon Annand

What are your favourite elements of the two Ravel operas, interpreted so creatively by Laurent Pelly?

I love the lightness and fun of L’heure Espagnole, and the way this particular production brings the humour in Ravel’s score  to life. L’enfant, part fairy-tale and part nightmare is a piece I have known since childhood and throughout my studies – it is always a total pleasure to hear this music. 

You sing Concepción in L’heure Espanole; how does that role compare to your last role at Glyndebourne as Sesto in Giulio Cesare?

The roles could not be more different and as an artist you need to play roles that express contrasting emotions.  The drama of Sesto is more my ‘food’ artistically, I need to cry.  But playing comedy is more difficult and I have grown to love both; the humour of the Concepción role and hearing the audience reaction to comedy rather than the tragic pain of the Sesto role.

When you’re preparing for a Glyndebourne performance, how does your day differ to other opera houses?

My home is in the countryside so coming to rehearse at Glyndebourne always make me feel that I can work intensively but also breathe, thanks to the stunning natural surroundings.

The reviews for the Ravel double bill have been fantastic, are you pleased with the  positive reaction?

I only look at the reviews once the production has ended – so can’t comment on this, but am pleased to hear some of them have been complimentary!

Has it been fun to work with Elliot Madore on such a comedic production?

This is the first time Elliot and I have worked together and it he has been a great partner. He is calm, quiet and confident – the perfect combination of characteristics for a singer  - and for the role of Ramiro.

L’heure espagnole is going live into cinemas and online this weekend, as a performer how does that impact on you?

Every performance is for the audience that night in the theatre -  we all do the very best we can and hope that they are pleased with our work. The performances will not change for the filming – but it is always good to know that every small detail that goes into the creation of our characters on-stage will be seen by the cinema and DVD audiences. The camera catches the details that sometimes can be lost in the back row of a theatre.  And as a performer I am very pleased that the show is being recorded – it is wonderful to have your work captured and to know that the little piece of theatre we are creating will be seen long into the future.

And finally, what makes performing at Glyndebourne so special for you?

Glyndebourne represents for me fidelity and peace  - two components that for me as a performer are essential. This is my second time at Glyndebourne – and I hope to return many more times.  I feel a friendship with the house – a fidelity – that helps me to realise my best.  The atmosphere of family and the confidence that the rehearsal time gives you is a great combination.

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