For adults and young people - a range of gifts which reflect the enjoyment of a visit to Glyndebourne, the delightful withdrawal from the rest of the world for a day in a wonderful garden and landscape.
  • Image of silver cufflinks
    Gifts for men
    Square, concave and with planished hammering, these are beautiful
  • Image of the silver money clip
    Gifts for men
    A wonderful gift for any discerning gentleman.
  • Image of ‘G’ keyring
    Glyndebourne gifts
    A stylish and beautifully crafted accessory for your bag, keys or purse.   
  • Image of Billy's Band book
    Gifts for Children
    Billy believes that all children are musical.
  • Image of Billy's Band- The Jewel Thief
    Gifts for Children
    In the second book of the series Valerie is thrilled to be playing a solo at the band’s next...
  • Image of the folding umbrella
    Gifts for women
    Brightly coloured folding umbrella
  • Image of Glyndebourne Champagne Flute
    Glyndebourne gifts
    This beautiful glass features the Glyndebourne G sympathetically engraved to look like bubbles...
  • Image of Glyndebourne Whisky Glass
    Glyndebourne gifts
    A fine glass tumbler again engraved with the Glyndebourne G.Purchase the Glyndebourne Champagne...
  • Image of silver items
    Glyndebourne gifts
    A little bit of luxury 
  • Image of jewellery pouch in silk
    Gifts for women
    Pretty and practical 

Why is there a time limit?

Due to demand from other customers seats are reserved for a maximum of 20 minutes in order to allow you to complete your purchase. If the order has not been completed within this time, all seats will be removed from your basket.