Glyndebourne Tour 2012

This year we’re travelling further and for longer, taking Glyndebourne to the doorsteps of audiences around the country. Together with our main stage productions, for the first time this year we are offering a more intimate opera experience with Julian Philips’ The Yellow Sofa, a new chamber opera staged in a studio setting. Tour 2012 also sees the addition of cinema screenings of David McVicar’s Giulio Cesare in or around our Tour locations - a production which, due to its scale, we would never be able to take beyond Glyndebourne. Click on the operas below to find out what’s on where, and how to book.

Join us:
Glyndebourne       4 – 21 October
Woking                    23 – 27 October
Norwich                  30 October – 3 November
Wimbledon            6 – 10 November
Plymouth               13 – 17 November
Canterbury            20 – 24 November
Milton Keynes      27 November – 1 December
Stoke-on-Trent     5 – 8 December

Glyndebourne Tour 2012 map

On Tour, Glyndebourne is supported by Arts Council England.

Tour 2012 is sponsored by the Daily Mail.

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