Scale and detail

Glyndebourne's first ever production of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg opened the 2011 Festival.

Get a glimpse into putting on this epic scale opera from Director David McVicar, Designer Vicki Mortimer, Lighting designer Paule Constable and backstage insiders at Glyndebourne.

This video includes exclusive backstage and rehearsal footage recorded at Glyndebourne in May 2011.

The DVD/Blu-ray release of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg is now available to purchase from the the shop.


I worked in the old Opera House for Bert Pullen during 1966 1967 and 1968 and was lucky enough to go on the 1967 Scandinavian Tour. We lived in the Plashetts. And earnt £14.8s 0. a week. I think I would have done it for nothing.
I loved the quirkyness of the old Opera House. However I am so impressed with the images of the new one. I am now 65 and have Multiple Sclerosis. It's now forty five years later. And yet I still dream of one day returning.

Having attended Glyndebourne for 41 years,I was somewhat dubious of spending 5 hours in the company of Wagner,however I had seen Tristan and loved the production,and the singing.I need not have worried as this was a magnificent production and the music and orchestra were sublime.Surely one of the most memorable efforts of recent years,well done all concerned for taking a huge and obviously very expensive gamble!

The new opera house and stage looks fantastic. Bert Pullen was stage manager in my time. Everything looks so mucher bigger now.
I enjoyed every moment working at Glyndebourne and miss it hugely. I am now 75 yrs old and a great fan of all things Glyndebourne.

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