Rinaldo, Making a Scene

A behind the scenes look at our 2011 production of Handel's Rinaldo. Filmed during rehearsals at Glyndebourne in June 2011.

See it at the 2014 Festival

Supported by Matthew and Sally Ferrey through the Glyndebourne New Generation Programme

Clips courtesy of Decca Classics - available in the Glyndebourne Shop

The DVD/Blu-ray release of Rinaldo is now available to purchase from the the shop.


Couldn't disagree more. I have just seen the semi-staged version at the Prom. I was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. An imaginative and engaging production, played with enthusiasm by the artistes involved. It's clear from reading the libretto that Handel was aiming for effect as much as anything else. This was clearly achieved.

Well don't feel sorry for me. This is one member of the audience who did not feel short changed in the slightest. It's a brilliant production. My take on it is that Handel's vision was to write a lot of marvellous music, and a stonking great hit show, and if asked what it was about, might have replied like Noel Coward, that it was about to make him a lot of money. Even if you ignore it's politically tricky aspects I think it is still a pretty silly pantomime plot, and the composer's original intentions were more to do with entertaining and amazing with music and fireworks, rather than being profound or conveying grandeur. The chief duty of any production is to bring out the life, energy, invention, and general zip of this piece, which this production and the OAE's playing do magnificently. Setting the whole thing in a schoolboy's fevered imagination for me created a coherent world that the opera could live and breathe in, though I must confess that I overheard some audience members who just didn't get it. My only niggles were that on the night that I saw it, well into it's run, that the singing and even the OAE's playing were, by their own high standards, slightly ragged. But this production is more than the sum of it's parts, and I just loved it. Thanks to everyone concerned.

Have just seen this video. I am glad to have heard the Director justifying his interpretation of the opera and the design concept. I am quite sure he must have been a persuasive advocate at the time the concept was agreed. I still feel that this concept does nothing except reduce Handel's vision and alienate the audience from the grandeur and the emotions which Handel was trying to convey. I am afraid it does nothing to resolve the considerable disappointment I felt both for the audience and the artistes and orchestral players who worked so hard

I really appreciate, however, the chance to see this just as I appreciated being able to watch the other videao in the Organ Room. Excellent. Thank-you

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