The Rape of Lucretia 2013

 Your reviews of the 2013 Tour production

The Rape of Lucretia Tour 2013, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith 

A completely brilliant, gripping performance, with marvellous singing and playing. A fantastic evening - thank you Glyndebourne!.

Anonymous 1st November 2013

There are those rare nights at the opera when you realise you never want to see a work again except in this production because it is as near to perfect as it gets.

I had such a night with this Lucretia which is so packed with insight and symbolic detail I wanted to see it repeated there and then. Thank you to Fiona Shaw for your inspired directing and to Glyndebourne for making this possible on tour.

Trevor Stammers 31st October 2013

Great production with excellent cast. Lovely to hear a rarely heard opera done so superbly.

Anonymous 30th October 2013

Tremendous production, beautifully sung. Many thanks.

Anonymous 29th October 2013

An interesting staging. Fine musically & dramatically.

Anonymous 29th October 2013

There is nothing second best about this touring production. For me it was as intense and powerful as Glyndebourne's summer production of Billy Budd a couple of years ago. This Rape of Lucretia was busier than I was expecting, but in a good way. It made the story more human, more modern perhaps, with less un-said. I do hope Glyndebourne continue working through the serious Britten operas.

William Hobhouse 29th October 2013

A surprisingly emotional and moving performance. A view of B Britten I was not expecting. the staging and music was exceptionally appreciated.

Anonymous 29th October 2013

When going through my books, trying to 'downsize' to a charity shop, 2 folded, faded, stapled A4 pages fell out. "Mr and Mrs John Mortimer request the pleasure of the company of Mr Benjamin Britten at a "Glyndebourne Night" on Wednesday the 3rd August 1949 at 7.30pm at Bank House, Ootacamund. Inside was the cast list and details of the opera. He often gave 'concerts' of recordings recently purchased in India. Across the top on the front page was written "I only wish I could have accepted this kind invitation in person. With best wishes, Benjamin Britten.

Having recently put in my request for Touring tickets for this opera which I had never seen, and being a Britten fan, this was an amazing find, especially since my father had never mentioned this and I had never seen The Rape of Lucretia, so I looked forward to it with even greater anticipation. Certainly no disappointment, it left me exhausted, wanting to see it again, but, like Billy Budd in the summer, knowing I would need a 'gap' to deal with the emotions it provoked. I can only say, more of these wonderful, beautifully interpreted performances from the Touring opera, please. Thank you Glyndebourne.

Jan Mortimer 29th October 2013

A wonderful production - all-engrossing. Great set design - loved the archeological dig and it was so clever the way the romans occupied the rooms whereas the two narrators perched on the walls ( the ghosts of past inhabitants vs. the archeologists). The voices were so well matched and the male vocals so well balanced. It was a real privilege to have heard Fiona talk about the production on the Tour Evening and she was so happy to chat to us after the production last week!

Stephen & Susan Moir 29th October 2013

Saw it twice and it got better each time AND I thought it was brilliant first time round. Hope it is revived in the near future. It joins all your first class Britten productions. All you have to do now is produce Gloriana to show The Royal Opera House how it should be done

Peter Gray 29th October 2013

Fabulous cast! Some background reading on the story would help before seeing the performance although I did thoroughly enjoy it.

Anonymous 29th October 2013

Spellbinding. The music and singing were exceptional; the production a masterful use of simple elements. My wife and I rank it as one of the best productions we have experienced at Glyndebourne over the past 45 years

Christopher Maxwell-Stewart 29th October 2013

A wonderful opportunity of seeing this rarely performed, powerful work - superbly sung and played/conducted, imaginatively yet simply staged. My only caveat is that the libretto comes across as rather dated: the references to Christianity, especially, seem to be dragged in kicking and screaming, where they are not necessary!

All three of this year's Glyndebourne touring productions are just marvellous in all respects - even better than usual!!!!

John Groves 29th October 2013

This stunning and highly intelligent production showed Glyndebourne at its scintillating best. I hope it will soon be part of the main programme at Glyndebourne.

Anonymous 29th October 2013

Fabulous. I was mesmerised, both by the music and the set. The darkness of the subject matter was reflected in the visual effects. This was my first visit to Glyndebourne and I was very impressed!

Anonymous 28th October 2013

We spent the day at Glyndebourne attending the study day before the performance. Without doubt this was one of the best performances we have seen at Glyndebourne, which was enhanced by the excellent lectures that formed the study day. There was no performance which was anything but excellent, whether the singers on stage or the orchestra, all brought together by a wonderful production.

Christopher Williams 28th October 2013


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