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Tycho's Dream

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8 November 2014

Until this moment
The realm of stars was fixed in place
Now the curtain of the world has fallen
We gaze on undiscovered space

Spanning 1500 years and 238,900 miles, Tycho's Dream is a science fiction adventure composed by Luke Styles, written by Peter Cant and performed by Glyndebourne's Youth Opera and two professional singers.

Beginning with the discovery of a new star which is destined to change the perception of the heavens forever, Tycho's Dream transports us from Tycho Brahe's 16th century Denmark to an imagined future where the innocent hands of children are used to mine moon rocks in the search for the first word.

In six distinct episodes, Tycho's Dream crosses time and space to explore a future set in motion by Tycho's discovery, a future he could never have imagined: where a space elevator connects the Earth and the Moon, where children don't age, and speaking is banned.

Don't be afraid! Don't look away! Don't hide your eyes! It's here! 

Tycho's Dream is a new commission created especially for the Youth Opera company and emerging directly from a development week where a group of young people let their ideas about the future go wild.

Supported by investement from Glyndebourne's New Generation Programme. 

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Dates & Times - Tycho's Dream

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges
Saturday 8 November 2014 7:00pm 8:00pm £7.00 Book Now

Creative Team

Directors Lucy Bradley and Freya Wynn-Jones
Assistant Director Stuart Barter
GYO1 Music Director Lea Cornthwaite 
GYO2 Music Director and Conductor Lee Reynolds
Designer Bern O’Donoghue
Design Assistants Claudia Dance-Wells and Sophie McKenna
Lighting Design Clare O'Donoghue
Composer Luke Styles
Libretto Peter Cant

Cast Includes

Tycho Brahe Adam Green
Selene Donna Lennard 
Soloists and Chorus from Glyndebourne Youth Opera, Groups 1 and 2 


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