Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Le nozze di Figaro

8 June - 2 August 2013
Festival 2013

5* in the Financial TimesDaily Express, Daily Mail and Music OMH

Watch Figaro online until 31 August

Michael Grandage’s production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro returns, with a new cast of singers and conductor Jérémie Rhorer making his UK operatic debut. The opera has particular significance as it was the first opera ever to be performed at Glyndebourne in 1934, with founder John Christie’s wife and co-founder Audrey Mildmay in the role of Susanna.

‘This is a Figaro of rare grace, naturalness and charm’, said The Daily Telegraph, and for The Sunday Times it was a production that ‘affirms Mozart’s most beloved masterpiece as both of its time and perennially modern, Grandage oiling the comic mechanisms of Lorenzo Da Ponte’s libretto with a master technician’s hands.’

Mozart’s music is both exquisitely beautiful and painfully perceptive in the depths of its characterisation. The vulnerability of the Countess is laid bare, as is the predicament of Figaro and Susanna, forced to rely on their wits in a household where they are members of staff, in thrall to a master with no moral compass and low levels of boredom.

During the course of one mad day, tables are turned and expectations dashed; disguises are either penetrated or turn out to be disconcertingly successful; the plots of Bartolo and Marcellina are frustrated, the marriage of Figaro and Susanna is off again, on again, and ultimately, the Count is thwarted and humbled by the Countess’s forgiveness.

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Le nozze di Figaro (recorded live in 2012) will be in cinemas and online from 8 July 2013, venues and booking details are available on the 'In Cinemas' tab.


"The evening is a complete delight."
Rated 5* by the Financial Times

"...a fun, feelgood evening with enormous flair — or should that be flares?"
Rated 5* by the Daily Mail

“The singing is excellent, the playing of the London Philharmonic Orchestra is crisp and delightful, but above all, Michael Grandage's production brings out the humour in the opera magnificently.”
Rated 5* by the Daily Express.

"...beautifully sung and acted"
Rated 4* by The Guardian

“…the stage is dominated by vibrant young singers at the start of what promise to be great careers”
Rated 5* by Music OMH

A revival of the 2012 Festival production Co-production with Houston Grand Opera and the Metropolitan Opera
Sung in Italian with English supertitles

Supported by a Syndicate of individuals

Le nozze di Figaro

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Recorded live in 2012

Start times are approximate, please check with your local cinema.

If you are a cinema venue and are interested in screening our productions please contact screenings@glyndebourne.com

Cast and Creative Team from the 2012 Festival production

Conductor Robin Ticciati
Director Michael Grandage
Designer Christopher Oram
Lighting Designer Paule Constable
Movement Director Ben Wright

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

The Glyndebourne Chorus

Cast includes

Figaro Vito Priante
Susanna Lydia Teuscher
Countess Sally Matthews
Count Audun Iversen
Bartolo Andrew Shore
Marcellina Ann Murray
Cherubino Isabel Leonard
Don Basilio Alan Oke
Antonio Nicholas Folwell
Don Curzio Colin Judson
Barbarina Sarah Shafer


Le nozze di Figaro (recorded in 2012) will be available to watch online until 31 August.

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Part 1

Part 2

Cast and Creative Team from the 2012 Festival production

Conductor Robin Ticciati
Director Michael Grandage
Designer Christopher Oram
Lighting Designer Paule Constable
Movement Director Ben Wright

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

The Glyndebourne Chorus

Cast includes

Figaro Vito Priante
Susanna Lydia Teuscher
Countess Sally Matthews
Count Audun Iversen
Bartolo Andrew Shore
Marcellina Ann Murray
Cherubino Isabel Leonard
Don Basilio Alan Oke
Antonio Nicholas Folwell
Don Curzio Colin Judson
Barbarina Sarah Shafer

Act I

Susanna tries on a wedding bonnet, whilst her fiancé Figaro measures the room in the castle given them by the Count. She points out its dangerous proximity to the Count, reminding Figaro of the droit de seigneur, the ancient feudal right of masters to dally with their maiden servants. Figaro vows to thwart him. 

Figaro’s old enemy Bartolo and Bartolo’s former servant Marcellina enter with a marriage contract between Marcellina and Figaro, which they intend to enforce. 

The page Cherubino enters, protesting being sent away to the army because the Count found him dallying with the gardener’s daughter Barbarina. When the Count approaches, he hides. 

The Count romances Susanna. Her singing teacher Basilio arrives, forcing the Count to hide. When the Count comes out of hiding, he discovers the hidden Cherubino.  

Figaro arrives with a group of peasants praising the Count for abolishing the droit de seigneur. The Count sends Cherubino off to join his regiment.

Act II 

The Countess laments her husband’s neglect. Susanna tells her of the Count’s designs upon her, and of Figaro’s plan to send a cross-dressed Cherubino to meet the Count instead of her. Cherubino arrives to prepare for his ‘tryst’ with the Count, but the Count’s arrival forces him to hide in the closet. Susanna returns unobserved and hides.

The Count, told that Susanna is hiding in the closet, demands that she emerge. He goes to fetch tools to open the door, taking the Countess with him. Susanna releases Cherubino, who escapes through the window while she enters the closet. Returning with her husband, the Countess confesses that Cherubino is inside. Both are nonplussed when Susanna emerges.

Figaro arrives. The gardener Antonio enters complaining about someone jumping from the window; Figaro claims it was him. The Count is relieved when Bartolo, Marcellina and Basilio enter demanding that Figaro marry Marcellina or repay his debt. 



The Count pursues Susanna. She agrees to a rendezvous, but the Count then overhears her plotting with Figaro. 

Alone, the Countess ponders her unhappy marriage. Meanwhile the court case on Marcellina’s marriage contract has been resolved in her favour. Figaro confesses that he was born into a respectable family and requires his parents’ consent. In his description of his history, Marcellina recognises Figaro as her long-lost son; Bartolo is his father. 

Susanna and the Countess write to the Count inviting him to the rendezvous; a pin must be returned as acknowledgement. A group of peasant girls arrive offering flowers to the Countess, with the disguised Cherubino among them. Barbarina forces the Count to agree to let her marry Cherubino. The wedding celebrations begin. Susanna passes the letter to the Count. 

Act IV

That night in the garden, Barbarina laments losing the pin she was to return to Susanna. Figaro resolves to interrupt the tryst between Susanna and the Count.  Marcellina goes to forewarn Susanna. 

Barbarina hides, as do Figaro, Bartolo and Basilio. Disguised in each other’s clothes, Susanna and the Countess enter to ensnare the Count. 

Cherubino arrives seeking Barbarina, but sees (as he thinks) Susanna, and flirts with her. The Count takes Cherubino’s place wooing ‘Susanna’. Figaro, seeing through Susanna’s disguise, feigns seducing ‘the Countess’, and is caught by the Count, who refuses to forgive his wife for her apparent infidelity.  The truth is revealed and all is set right. 

Synopsis by George Hall

Creative team

Conductor Jérémie Rhorer
Director Michael Grandage
Revival Director Ian Rutherford
Designer Christopher Oram
Lighting Designer Paule Constable
Movement Director Ben Wright


Figaro Adam Plachetka
Susanna Laura Tatulescu
Countess Amanda Majeski
Count Joshua Hopkins
Bartolo Luciano Di Pasquale
Marcellina Anne Mason
Cherubino Lydia Teuscher
Don Basilio Timothy Robinson
Antonio Nicholas Folwell
Don Curzio Alasdair Elliott
Barbarina Sara Lian Owen
First Bridesmaid Charlotte Beament
Second Bridesmaid Annie Fredriksson

London Philharmonic Orchestra
The Glyndebourne Chorus

Audio files: 

Extracts from Le nozze di Figaro Glyndebourne CD 1962 recording. Available from our shop.

Adam Plachetka and Laura Tatulescu in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro, Photo: Robert Workman
Joshua Hopkins and the Glyndebourne Chorus in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Joshua Hopkins in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Timothy Robinson, Laura Tatulescu and Joshua Hopkins in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Laura Tatulescu in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Lydia Teuscher and Sara Lian Owen in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Luciano Di Pasquale and Nicholas Folwell in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Amanda Majeski in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Adam Plachetka and Laura Tatulescu in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
 Joshua Hopkins in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
 Luciano Di Pasquale, Anne Mason, Adam Plachetka and Laura Tatulescu in the 2013 production of Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Timothy Robinson Timothy Robinson in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Adam Plachetka and Laura Tatulescu in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Adam Plachetka and Laura Tatulescu in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Nicholas Folwell and Lydia Teuscher in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Lydia Teuscher in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Laura Tatulescu, Amanda Majeski and Joshua Hopkins in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Amanda Majeski in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Joshua Hopkins in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Laura Tatulescu and Joshua Hopkins in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman
Amanda Majeski in the 2013 production of Le nozze di Figaro. Photo: Robert Workman


We had a wonderful afternoon and evening and enjoyed every moment. Hope we can come back another year.

Two great cultural experiences in one. The opera was as flawless as you might expect - thoroughly professional in all aspects, with particularly good sets and lighting; but picknicking on the lawn, dodging the summer shower, surrounded by good humoured fellow opera-goers glammed up to the nines, was highly entertaining and memorable in its own right. Glyndebourne thoroughly lived up to its great reputation the night we were there for Figaro.

Perfect picnic
Delightful drinks
Fabulous food
Smashing singing

My husband and i went to see Figaro last Friday and throughly enjoyed this very funny production. We thought the signing and acting was superb and the scenery very beautiful. We were lucky with the weather except for the last few minutes of the dinner interval and it made it a wonderful Glyndebourne experience.

A great production and, thank goodness, traditional, without gimmicks and bizarre settings.

Our first visit & it was enchanting.We had waited for a much loved opera & were delighted by the production.The singing was fine,the sets superb & the orchestra on top form. The weather was perfect during the pre performance period so we were able to enjoy the wonderful ambience of Glyndebourne. Our only disappointment was the meal in the Mildmay Restaurant-the main course was underwhelming:all other aspects of the meal were fine including the service which was faultless. I have telephoned the caterers to pass on this feedback & was told that as it was the first night of menu change they may have been struggling! Not good enough I'm afraid.However this did not spoil a lovely experience.

This was my third visit to Glyndebourne and definitely the best. The organisation and friendliness of all the staff was exceptional and made it a very special occasion for my first time guest.

We had a Glyndebourne picnic which was exceptionally good value and we were blessed with fantastic weather.

The performance was top quality as usual combining humour, theatrical performance and some incredible vocal performances (most outstanding were the Contessa and Cherubino).

We will definitely return, well done and keep up the good work.

Le Nozze was absolutely fantasmagorical!
Wonderful music, thrillingly performed; fabulous set - first time we've seen a car actually drive onto the stage - and what a lovely old car! Cherubino was absolutely delightful. Our best ever Glyndebourne. How can it get any better?!

A charming performance and a magical night

A wonderful evening! Couldn't be better - ruly a magical experience

A production of the highest quality and entertainment. The sets and the use of the revolving stage were magnificent, and the singing and acting made it hard to single out exceptional performances as they were all exceptional, as was the orchestraql performance and the overall musical direction from the rostrum. We especially remarked on the highly effective juxtaposition of Moorish and 60s contexts - we don't know why, but it worked so well. Brilliant!

Very unusual production which totally succeeded and portayed this opera in a very different light. Very strong singing overall, with Figaro quite exceptional. very successful and enjoyable evening.

Contrary to virtually all the comments I found this production (though not the singing or playing) quite dispiriting. All the meaning was taken out of the opera, in particular how economic, political and sexual power can go together. How can Figaro be subservient to a foolish, foppish hippy? He can go wherever he likes. How can the count exercise power over Susanna? He has money but no power. She can go where she likes. Instead of meaning we had a too slick updating for its own sake, which as is so often the case got in the way of the beauty and humanity of the music. Instead at times we had a disco in the background and a singalong. If this was an updating it only got as far as the music hall.

Our first and definitely not our last visit to Glyndebourne.

Loved the setting, the picnic and above all the staging and performance of the company and orchestra; as a combination the day was perfect.

Setting in the 'Swinging 60's' worked so well, the humour brought out beautifully and so nice to see flared trousers again.

An absolutely fabulous production which we greatly enjoyed.
Brilliant settings and wonderful acting and singing.
The orchestra were superb.

We've been treating ourselves to Glyndebourne for 40 years now .

Last evening's Figaro was "as good as it gets" - Glyndebourne at its operatic best ....

Mozart wout have been proud !

One of the best productions we have been to. The opera was a delight with strong performances from all the cast but especially from Susanna who put real life and energy into both the singing and the acting.

On the downside was the food in Mildmay this year .... could and can do much better !!

Like many others I was a Glyndebourne virgin and found the whole conception immaculate. The music was sublime, the performances outstanding and the picnic sumptuous. And the sun shone too. Wow what a day!

Everyone and everything was perfect. The performance, orchestra and singers, the ambiance, the staff and the weather.
To sum up: it was wonderful unforgettable evening! Thank you.

a perfect day, we were a party of ...19 celebrating an emotional family event , le Nozze was a wonderful moment together, a fine balance between creative staging and perfectly executed music, a fine weather hosting us for a great picnic in the gardens... many thanks to the G. team...

After a long and stressful journey from Oxfordshire with a completely choked M25 we sadly arrived a few minutes late - but the genuinely welcoming reception in the car-park, the efforts to relax us made by all the staff we encountered, and the fact that we were swiftly taken into box seats almost over the pit (a wigs'-eye view of the stage - and what wigs they were!) meant that our enjoyment was enormous. And it was of course an exceptional performance. We are so very grateful to the carpark/front-of-house staff for turning our stress into joy!

The most exquisite day! The weather and gardens were beautiful and the music and set wonderful. Could I borrow that car for a day? I have never seen such a humorous production before. The sentiments expressed are unchanged through the centuries.
Thank you to everyone for the best day of my summer so far.

Absolutely wonderful, both the weather and the stunning production made this our best Glyndebourne experience to date!

we loved this Figaro production - the humour came over very well - beaumarchais would have appreciated it. Wonderful singing and orchestra.

my only sadness is the price it is beyond the means of so many young people especially that I know - those over 25 but still struggling - but a rare and memorable evening.

Undoubtedly the best production of Figaro we have ever seen. There wasn't a weak link in the whole cast. Everyone sang beautifully and the standard of acting was excellent.
The updated setting was a good compromise between the original and the 21st Century, and the scenery maintained a link with the distant past. (I usually prefer period gowns and wigs - I didn't miss them last night)
Cherubino played the role perfectly and sang better than I have heard a Cherubino sing in 5 or 6 productions in other opera houses. The wedding dancing was hilarious - I thought we might get a reprise at the curtain call, but I guess I can't have everything.
The weather was brilliant, we enjoyed the lecture before the opera, had a wonderful dinner in Middle and Over Wallop and the opera was mesmerising. What a perfect evening!

Totally delightful: an excellent and imaginative production and superb performances. I bought the DVD and have re-played the experience - well, as far as one can when the live version isn't available.

Glyndebourne is always a pleasure in every way.

A fine production indeed, with wonderful singing and a terrific set. Much enjoyed by us all whether we had seen it many times or just once.

A superb experience!

Wonderful evening as always with warm weather and efficient air conditioning. Superb performances. Enjoyed the quirk of modern dance moves at the wedding party!

As first time opera goers, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the production. The performers were amazing, the sets superb and the whole Glyndebourne experience was faultless. I would definitely recommend Le Nozze do Figaro as a gentle introduction to opera as it has an easy, farcical content.

My partner and I are both High School teachers in Manchester. So what better way to end a mad year with a couple of bleeding chunks of Wagner at the Proms followed by Figaro at Glyndebourne. We loved the 70's updating and the real sense of ensemble you have created. A wonderful start to our holidays. Next stop for us Vegas! Hey, perhaps you might do a Don Giovanni on that theme one day? That might be fun!

We were lucky with the weather which made it a classic Glyndebourne afternoon/evening. Marriage of Figaro such a great opera anyway but this production had bundles of energy and humour along with the polish you would expect at Glyndebourne. I thought the Countess was the only slight weakness, as did our party. We ordered the Glyndebourne picnic which was eye wateringly expensive............

My first ever opera, and I have to say, although I was skeptical when invited (I generally prefer electronica) here I am on the Glyndebourne site looking for more.

The performers were excellent — particularly Susanna and the Count — the surtitles were essential, but never intrusive.

Normally I think doing anything like this in a modern(ish) context — Shakespeare for example — is a disaster, but this worked really well.

I felt the opera was extremely well directed, the sets were amazing, choreography excellent.

Thoroughly enjoyed and would happily watch again. Wish there was a DVD.

This was quite the finest performance of Nozze that we have ever been to.
The production and the singing came together perfectly.

This is the third Glyndebourne Figaro I have seen. First of all it was the Peter Hall production (1973), then the John Cox Production, and of course, this year's production. I think it ranks equal with the other two I have seen there. It is less whistful then the Cox production, but its dynamism was tremendous, and the humorous side came over brilliantly. The singing very much at the top end. In a way a true Glyndebourne production, where the emphasis was on ensemble performance rather than individuals.
I took my 16 year old granddaughter on a Saturday, and as someone quite musical but steeped in the normal music consumption of her age, she was absolutely bowled over. If someone of her age says that she had the best weekend ever and wants to go again, it surely says it all.

This is the first time I have seem Glndebourne's revolving stage in action. What an excellent "vehicle". The "vehicle" arrival during the ouverture set the tone perfectly. Thanks to all the cast.

Perfect weather, a magical performance ... a wonderful evening.

Amanda Majeski was absolutely stunning in her stature and performance throughout.

An excellent performance: but leaving out Marcellina's aria in Act 4 was a mistake. It confirms her new role as an ally of Figaro and Susanna and counterbalances Figaro's bitterness in 'Aprite un po''. We don't miss Basilio's aria, but it might be amusing to hear it once in a while.

I have been coming to Glyndebourne for the best part of 50 years now and my guests on Wednesday were sophisticated opera goers. We all agreed that this was the best Figaro by a mile and even better than the same production last year. Thank you very much. It makes that quite long drive home afterwards more than worthwhile.

An enjoyable evening, especially for the singing. Susanna was particularly well cast and sung. The setting of the production in the swinging sixties though, seemed contrived. Recalling Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau in the role of the count years ago at Edinburgh, it seemed odd that Figaro towered over the diminutive count who also seemed to be poorly matched with the willowy countess. The count too lacked the guile which the role demands.
The opera is for the most part, of course, the most wonderful creation. Only the end comes across as unconvincing in the speed with which the parties are apparently reconciled - but one can't blame the production for that.

As ever, the whole Glyndebourne experience last Saturday, the 20 th of July, was an absolute treat. We cherish this late July experience wich marks the start of our summer holiday. It is always a great pleasure to share this marvelous moment with our English friends. We did find the Figaro performance enormously entertaining and we did appreciate the vast cast of young talents, especially among the secondary roles which were of high quality. We will be back.

My parents flew from Spain to watch Le nozze di Figaro on 13th July. Music and singing of the very best quality as well as the beautiful environment in the gardens made everything enjoyable. It has been an unforgettable experience. We thank the Glyndebourne team for such a great day in our lifes. Fantastic! Brilliant! Excellent!

Outstanding evening, for my first time in Glyndebourne. I come back ! Great voices, witty and funny as Mozart could be and a sensible music when instruments matched feelings.

My parents travelled from Spain to watch Le Nozze di Figaro on 13th July. Everything was very enjoyable for them, from the music and singing of such quality and greatness to the whole environment that makes Glyndebourne so special.
Certainly, it was a day they will never forget. We thank the Glyndebourne team for all the work put not only on each performance but also behind the scenes. Gardens, picnic areas, coach service, everything was fantastic. Just brilliant, magical!

This was a superb production. The 60s re-setting, costumes, and translational adaptations worked really well. The Austin Healey at the start of Act 1 was a stroke of genius! The cast, orchestra, conductor, and continuo players worked particularly well together to deliver a memorable performance. Well done to everyone involved in this excellent production!

mainly terrific , and well loved Timing of 1950s a question mark...would have been just as ok to set the opera in Saxon England..now thats a thought

A sophisticated, beautifully-crafted performance (13 July)in every respect, with curtain calls of sheer joy from the young cast. One of those great life-affirming Glyndebourne evenings...

My daughter and I attended our first Glyndebourne performance and we loved it. We really enjoyed the performance as well as the picnic, the setting and our fellow audience members. It was altogether a great experience.

Glyndebourne at its best - the perfect combination of really witty lighthearted moments and beautifully sung quieter bits

The best MOF I have seen. Particularly relevant as we had friends in our party for who this was their first opera, and what a great introduction! Of course the whole experience of Glyndebourne is always magical and the weather performed beatifully, but this production, the cast, the musicians and the experience cOuld not have been better. Thank you so much.

A wonderful evening and performance of Figaro, thank you Glyndebourne! Weather was fantastic which made a lovely visit even more enjoyable. Looking forward to returning.

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