Giuseppe Verdi

La traviata

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4 October - 10 December 2014
Tour 2014

A new production from the 2014 Festival

La traviata, the fallen woman. Does that phrase still have relevance today?

For Verdi it was a subject of intense personal significance. He and the singer Giuseppina Strepponi lived together for ten years before they married, enduring the objections of those who viewed her as a woman of no worth or moral standing.

Violetta, the fallen woman of the title, is a vividly real, flesh-and-blood creation. She suffers from the consumption which will inevitably kill her but which, in the view of the time, brought with it a feverish intensity and heightened erotic impulse. Life, for her, is to be grasped with both hands and lived to the full.

The character is based on Marie Duplessis, mistress of Alexandre Dumas fils, who fictionalised her in his novel La Dame aux camélias. When another writer, Marcel Proust, saw La traviata, he wrote: ‘It’s a work which goes straight to my heart. Verdi has given it the style it lacked … for a dramatic work to touch popular sentiment the addition of music is essential.’

That music was written by Verdi at the peak of his powers. It is lyrical, heartbreaking and unforgettable, appealing directly to the emotions and resulting in an opera that invents itself anew for every generation.

Sung in Italian with English supertitles.

The performance lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one interval of 20 minutes.

Dates & Times - La traviata

Milton Keynes Theatre

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Saturday 22 November 2014 7:15pm 9:45pm £28.90 - £79.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now

Plymouth, Theatre Royal

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Wednesday 26 November 2014 7:15pm 9:45pm £12.70 - £50.20 Book Now
Saturday 29 November 2014 7:15pm 9:15pm £12.70 - £50.20 Book Now

Dublin, Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Wednesday 3 December 2014 7:30pm 10:00pm €35 - €125 plus €1.50 s/c per ticket up to €12; 12.5% over €12 (max €5.95) Book Now
Friday 5 December 2014 7:30pm 10:00pm €35 - €125 plus €1.50 s/c per ticket up to €12; 12.5% over €12 (max €5.95) Book Now
Saturday 6 December 2014 7:30pm 10:00pm €35 - €125 plus €1.50 s/c per ticket up to €12; 12.5% over €12 (max €5.95) Book Now

Stoke-on-Trent, Regent Theatre

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Tuesday 9 December 2014 7:15pm 9:45pm £20.90 - £48.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now
Wednesday 10 December 2014 7:15pm 9:45pm £20.90 - £48.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now

Act I

At a party she is hosting, the courtesan Violetta Valéry is introduced to young Alfredo Germont. Violetta suddenly feels ill but assures her guests that she is fine. Alfredo, left alone with Violetta, confesses that he has loved her from afar for a year. She initially dismisses him, but is touched by his sincerity. After Alfredo and the other party guests leave, Violetta reflects on her feelings for him and on what life would be like if she accepted his love. But she cuts short her fantasy and rededicates herself to the pursuit of pleasure. 

Act II, Scene 1

For three months, Violetta and Alfredo have been living together in the country. Alfredo learns that Violetta has been selling her possessions in order to pay their expenses, so he leaves for Paris to make other financial arrangements. Germont, Alfredo’s father, unexpectedly visits, demanding that Violetta leave Alfredo so that his sister’s impending marriage will not be threatened by scandal. Violetta first objects but finally, in spite of her love for Alfredo, promises to renounce him forever. She writes Alfredo a letter ending their relationship, but before she can depart, Alfredo returns and is confused by her agitated state. After Violetta leaves, he reads her letter. Germont returns and tries to comfort his son, but Alfredo decides to confront Violetta.

Act II, Scene 2

At a soiree given by Violetta’s friend Flora Bervoix, the guests are surprised by Alfredo’s arrival. Violetta soon appears with Baron Douphol, her new lover. Alfredo gambles with the gentlemen, pretending not to notice Violetta, who is alarmed by his belligerent behaviour. Fearing for his safety, Violetta begs Alfredo to leave, but he demands that she leave with him. When Violetta refuses, Alfredo summons the other guests and publicly humiliates Violetta. Germont arrives and denounces his son’s behaviour. The Baron challenges Alfredo to a duel.


Violetta is now gravely ill, and Dr Grenvil confides to Annina, her servant, that Violetta will not live much longer. Violetta rereads a letter from Germont informing her that Alfredo fled after wounding the Baron in the duel, but that he now knows of her sacrifice and is hurrying to her side. Alfredo arrives, begging Violetta’s forgiveness. The lovers dream of resuming their life together, but fate intervenes. 

Creative Team 

Conductor David Afkham / Jeremy Bines (5, 8 Nov; 9, 10 Dec)
Director Tom Cairns
Designer Hildegard Bechtler
Revival Choreographer Daisy May Kemp
Lighting Designer Peter Mumford

Cast includes

Violetta Valéry Irina Dubrovskaya /
Natasha Jouhl (29 Oct; 1 Nov; 5, 9 Dec)
Alfredo Germont Zach Borichevsky /
Emanuele D’Aguanno (22, 29 Oct; 1 Nov; 5 Dec)
Giorgio Germont Roman Burdenko /
Evez Abdulla (29 Oct; all performances in Nov; 9, 10 Dec)
Marchese D’Obigny Benjamin Cahn  
Baron Douphol Eddie Wade
Flora Bervoix Lauren Easton

The Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra 
The Glyndebourne Chorus 

Venera Gimadieva as Violetta in La traviata, Glyndebourne Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Michael Fabiano as Alfredo and Tassis Christoyannis as Giorgio in La traviata, Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Venera Gimadieva as Violetta in La traviata, Glyndebourne Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Venera Gimadieva as Violetta in La traviata, Glyndebourne Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Venera Gimadieva as Violetta and cast in La traviata, Glyndebourne Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Venera Gimadieva as Violetta and cast in La traviata, Glyndebourne Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Venera Gimadieva as Violetta and Michael Fabiano as Alfredo in La traviata, Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Venera Gimadieva as Violetta and cast in La traviata, Glyndebourne Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith
Michael Fabiano as Alfredo in La traviata, Festival 2014, Photo: Richard Hubert Smith

‘This is an excellent starter Traviata, handsomely done and surging with passion’
The Times

'Tom Cairns’s modern-dress touring production enjoys fine leads in Irina Dubrovskaya and Zach Borichevsky, and skilful support throughout’
The Guardian

'...those in search of bright young things with obvious star potential will not be disappointed here. ...It's a terrific start to the Tour.'
Daily Mail

‘painfully believable’
The Daily Telegraph

‘…a lean, powerful version that reaches straight for the heart and gives it a good squeeze.’
The Arts Desk

‘Traviatas haven't exactly been thin on the ground in the UK of late, but this one brings much to enjoy for seasoned Verdiphiles and novices alike.’
What's On Stage


The most affecting performance I've seen, finely acted and beautifully sung and played, led by the magical Irina Dubrovskaya. My daughter and son-in-law (first opera for both) were captivated. It's a timeless story so the switch of periods didn't matter, though not sure it added anything. Wonderful.

An excellent performance from both singers and players, although as another correspondent said maybe the sets could have been a little more interesting - lots of drooping on couches going on!

This was our first visit to Glyndebourne (a "taster" on one of the Daily Mail special evenings) and our expectations were more than met - what a wonderful venue, and everything so well organised (even the parking and, pace Ms Davies, the exiting; you just have to choose your parking spot with an eye on leaving time!) and yet friendly. The Middle and Over Wallop tea/dining rooms were superb and the staff brilliant. All the more impressive remembering that Glyndebourne receives no public subsidy for the opera house.

Glad to see that most of the patrons made an effort to dress up without going OTT!

We look forward to visiting again many times in the future and only wish we had started doing so earlier.

La Traviata 11.09.14
Well-acted production, and exciting young voices, especially the Violetta’s lovely tone; she also acted particularly well – a delight to see and hear. The director’s updating jarred only during the ‘country’ scene, (Act II, Scene 1), when Alfredo’s outfit suddenly hit us. Also, Alfredo’s gait seemed somewhat strange, yet his gait was normal when he took his bow at the end. Of course, it’s possible that it was intentional, in order to make him look an ingénue. Nevertheless, Alfredo’s clear tenor ticked all the boxes. Germont père’s ‘Russian bass’ timbre was impressive, but I prefer the baritone to have a lighter timbre in Italian opera. However, I suppose it could be argued that that deeper sound suited the character. Chaqu’un à son gout!
The chorus sounded fine, and my neighbour whom, I believe, was fairly new to opera, commented their realistic acting – it was well done, each having his or her own character, which, I guess, is the secret for directing chorus acting. The orchestra was up to the usual standard, under a conductor I hadn’t previously heard but, as always, Glyndebourne seem to find the right people! Overall the evening was a success – worth the journey!

We thought the set was a little drab and were disappointed that more traditional dress was not used. But these are minor niggles. The production was superb, especially the performance of Irina Dubrovskaya. In addition, the orchestra were quite excellent. A most enjoyable experience overall.

We enjoyed the performance so much that we saw it again the following week. Violetta sang so beautifully, we were entranced. I have seen this opera more lavishly set, but for sheer musicality Glyndebourne would be difficult to surpass.

I agree with the comments about the long wait in line to exit the car park, this is one of the reasons why we prefer to have dinner after the performance if possible.

We have been lucky enough to see several productions of La Traviata and thought this was the best. The singing was superb, particularly the very believable Violetta, the conductor and orchestra were brilliant and we enjoyed the minimalist set and costumes.

Well done the touring company.

We were not bothered by the car park problems as we treated ourselves to a meal in Middle Wallop as a birthday treat. This was a great disappointment. Very expensive and the food was very mediocre - the trout pate desperately needed some lemon, the duck needed a fruit sauce and the brussel sprouts were like bullets. We expected more from Leiths! We will be returning to Nether Wallop in future where the food has always been excellent.

Six of us, five of them my friends who knew of each other but hadn't met and Glyndebourne provided the perfect setting: they seemed like old friends and we all ended up in tears, including the men. My only problem was a splitting headache from the tension of trying not to sob with Irina Dubrovskaya's wonderfully emotional portrayal of Violetta and the particularly moving spoken ending. Though the romantic in me wanted Alfredo to be with her, in retrospect it felt all the more representative of the loneliness of death and Violetta's underlying vulnerability.

Loved the minimalist set (a touch of Rothko in the aubergine with a lighter line through on one side?). Not in the least put out by the variety of style in the costumes and found the flashes of red to be a wonderfully striking contrast to the black.

Thank you Glyndebourne for another wonderful production in a perfect setting (a half-hour interval would be good) and the coaches to Lewes are excellent.

Jan Mortimer

La Traviata is my very favourite opera bar none but I rarely get to see it live as the tickets are normally too steep. I jumped at the opportunity to purchase the £10 tickets (incl. the return coach from Lewes Station and a glass of prosecco) and brought my husband (who hates opera) and two friends. The coach was at the station when we arrived and got us to the theatre in time for us to picnic and enjoy our glass of bubbly.... and take a stroll round the exquisite gardens. Then the best bit: a Violetta which was so beautifully portrayed by Irina Dubrovskaya and Alberto and his father also with wonderful voices.... My husband loved every moment of his experience at Glynebourne so I owe you a great debt of gratitude! The coach took us back to Lewes station in time to catch our train back to London. We had the most wonderful time and we ALL so look forward to next year when we hope to repeat the experience. PS My only gripe was that I felt very sad that Violetta was left to die alone instead of in the arms of her beloved Alberto!

Having had a fair amount of experience of taking part as a performer in various productions of La Traviata over the years I wasn't frantic to see another production and was only motivated to attend in order to introduce my grandchildren to the work. However,I was delighted to find myself enthralled by this version. The orchestral playing revealed such richness and detail and Violetta is exemplary, as is Germont pere. Annina and Flora are tricky roles and they too were managed effectively. It is a genuinely moving (no pun!) production and a remarkable achievement. Well done, GTO!

We attended the 4pm performance on 25 October and it was truly wonderful in every way.

I think Michael Cooke (Review Oct.23rd) must have been at the same performance as me and I agree wholeheartedly with everything he said in his review.

I also agree with those reviewers who enjoy seeing brilliant young "stars of the future" making a name for themselves with outstanding performances in the Glyndebourne Tour. And I can't wait to see and hear Irina Dubrovskaya again.

Saturday night, the most moving and wonderful singing and acting by Violetta and wonderfully expressive Alfredo - subtle and emotional and just right for the piece. Very emotional. A real sense of seeing tomorrow's stars at an early point in their careers. Sort of enjoyed the mosh-mash of costumes which rather looked liked the chorus had gone mad with the dressing-up box! And I actually thought the desolation of death was enhanced by the loneliness of Violetta's last moments although I guess this wasn't forveveryone. Best Traviata I've seen, ever. Thank you.

La Traviata -monday 20 october
Wonderful evening spent at Glyndebourne with superb singing from a delightful cast and excellent orchestra. The costumes and sets although artistic, were very simplistic but that seemed only to focus the attention more onto the cast and their incredible voices.

Wonderful evening. Simple set, but luminous singing by Violetta and Giorgio, well supported by other cast members and the chorus. The production was less flashy than the previous one, but as a whole the most memorable and moving acting and singing I have heard. Well done.

Wonderful production - enjoyed every moment.
The only drawback was getting out of the car park after the performance even after having a coffee & snack before returning to car park.

I am not a regular opera goer, although I would love to be, so I do not profess to be an expert but I have to say that this is honestly the best opera I have seen. The leading lady was superb. Such a 'pure' voice. Although this was a romantic tragedy the music was truly melodious. Huge thanks to Glyndebourne and the Daily Mail for enabling me to have a truly wonderful evening!

Superb costumes(loved the different decades device ! )and superbly amazing music, but the direction needed support -why were all the chorus bunched together in a small space on the same level ??-lost opportunities several times !!

We sat very near the front just behind the conductor, it was wonderful to see everything clearly particularly the expressions on the singers' faces. This was a wonderful afternoon, the singing was sublime, particularly Violetta......the music quite beautiful and emotional, I wish I could see or hear it all again.

It is true that the Glyndebourne experience is a little marred by the exit fromn the carpark which seemed to have got worse sincer our visit in the summer.

We went to the performance on 25th October to celebrate two of our birthdays, and had a wonderful time. The singing was beautiful, especially Violetta and Germont.
I agree with the previous comment that the set was a little too minimalist and slightly detracted from the emotional experience. Nevertheless, we would thoroughly recommend this production and think it unlikely to see it bettered.

Thank you. A fabulous production made the evening magical for us all,first timers and old hands.
Thought the ending was well judged when Violetta was left alone to die.
Thank you to the parking attendant who arranged for me to park nearer the entrance when she
saw me struggle out of the car.R

Recently enjoyed both La Traviata & La Finta courtesy of Daily Mail Offer. Wonderful value. Glyndebourne well out of our range usually, so a real treat. However, we treated ourselves to afternoon tea on La Traviata night, and were sadly disappointed. We expected something special, and to be honest it did not meet our expectations. 'Cakes' included small panacotta & cheesecake which we had to eat off of the top tier, because impossible to move with a spoon. Sandwiches had so little filing in them, that we could only taste the 'butter' spread. Also, the bread was very dry, and not of good quality. Far from being a leisurely afternoon tea, we felt quite rushed, and the 'canteen' like atmosphere didn't help. We will not return for tea. I agree with the comments regarding getting out of car park post performance. The stewards were ineffectually waving their green & red sticks around, but only once all the queues had finally merged! waste of time. Should be better organised, you have had plenty of practice.

Four of us came. We all thought it superb. We particularly mentioned Violetta, the father and the orchestra as being outstanding, but all were excellent.

A wonderful performance, especially from Violetta - Irina Dubrovskaya is such a good actress as well as singer and it is impossible to take one s eyes off her when she is on stage. Alfred's father also gave a very strong performance. The story came alive and was convincing, something that does not always happen in opera which requires good acting as well as lovely voices. I took my 15 years old granddaughter - a great introduction to opera for her.

La Traviata 22 Oct.A superb afternoon/evening.Yes, the sets were not lavish but I cannot agree that they, or the modern-ish dress detracted in any way from an excellent production. Excellent singing from soloists & chorus, a fine orchestra, & the helpers on the ground could teach some other venues a thing or two. My second visit, looking forward to next year. Well done Glyndebourne!

Fantastic evening. The production was wonderful and the singing and acting first class.
Not really an opera devotee but this production left us wanting more.
Pity about the uncontrolled mad scramble of the cars trying to leave.

A truly super evening of pleasure. All our party were most impressed by Irina Dubrovskaya who sang beautifully. Slight reservations about Alfredo,played by the tall and somewhat reedy young man whose voice was, unfortunately, simlar. Germont was powerful and well capable of bringing off his pivotal role. But credit must go to Irina D. who was terrific.

Transcendent performance by Violetta, completely outclassed Alfredo. Orchestra quite heavenly, wonderful pace. Loved the rather spare set; choreography very naturalistic. Altogether memorable.

As a tour supporter I got one full price ticket with £40 off if I bought three. So I saw the last of the run at Glyndebourne from the front of the foyer circle. Able to see and hear to perfection although it is amazing how different the orchestra sounds compared with the upper circle. Never have I seen a Violetta who both looked and sounded the part to such perfection. We were simply entranced and she got a tumultuous reception at the end. Amazing that Glyndebourne found not one but two staggeringly good Violettas in one year!

By the way if you bought a program did you realise the cover picture was Violetta? Definitely that is a picture of Miss Jessel. And a remarkably good one too.

Oh my....transported, as always with Glyndebourne, to a magical place. Read other reviews regarding the set but the simplicity of the set only highlighted the superlative voices and the incredible emotion of the opera itself. I admit ...I cried....heartbreaking ..... The soprano is incredible....emotional....drawing you in to what you know is not going to end well.....many congratulations to all.....

I brought a group of 48 from my U3A and we all thoroughly enjoyed our visit. One of my members said the following which I think sums up the views of everyone."I thought that the production of La Traviata was superb and to see it at such a special place was just perfect! I had a wonderful view from my seat in a Box!! The tea was also excellent...(better than the Savoy !) I had a quick look at the gardens in beautiful weather "
i already have enquiries about the visit next year!

We saw La Traviata on 20th October - I haven't been to Glyndebourne before and thoroughly enjoyed both the setting and the production. Violetta was truly superb and the orchestra magnificent. It was an excellent introduction to opera for my 16 year old. Like others our experience of leaving after the performance was dire. It really shouldn't take 30 mins to leave the car park.

Having seen dozens of La Traviata's from most of the current top singers, all my family agreed yesterday's was the most enjoyable. Very well sung, played and acted by all. Irina Dubrovskaya's Violetta was superb. After an exemplary Sempre Libera I thought: She can do the vocal fireworks, but could such a young singer cope with the dignity needed in the second act and Pathos in the last act (not to mention the sheer stamina required). The second act was spot on and I have never been so deeply moved by the last act. I didn't find the updating objectionable and it was fun in the party scenes playing "spot the decade" on the outfits of the attractive and well dressed chourus. I wish that Glyndebourne would video the Tour productions as I could happily watch and listen to this many times on Blu Ray. It would also be a valuable document of the early careers of singers who should have stellar futures.

Singing was superb,but disappointed at the rather drab settings & also I thought that Violetta seemed too young for the part.

I’ve seen many a Traviata, and even been in a couple. The standard of the music, particularly the orchestra, was of the very highest, right down to telling pauses during which you could have heard a pin drop. The touring cast are very good, right up to the standard of the Festival cast.

But we had some reservations about the design and stage direction. I’m not averse to modern dress productions, but some of the directorial decisions seemed a bit perverse. Why was Annina mooning about all the time? What an earth was going on in the last Act? Everybody just sidled off, leaving poor ol’ Violetta to collapse in a heap. It rather spoiled the Kleenex moment.

But we enjoyed dinner at the Nether, with some excellent house red. It’s too cold in October for the festive picnic and this made a most acceptable substitute. And something needs doing about car parking. It was merry hell last night. Please ask the parking marshalls to encourage people to reverse in ... it might help get people away.

Last night's performance was excellent , not just very entertaining and enjoyable, but also exercised the emotions. There should be a longer interval, and whilst on this occasion, we expected the long, long delay in getting out of the car park and site, a better traffic management scheme for getting all the cars away is essential

A terrific evening as always, lovely singing and sublime music with a great setting. It has become a great way to slip into Autumn for us. In addition my Wife lost a brooch during the evening, your lovely staff sat her down elsewhere whilst they looked for it. They found, it restored it to her and her back to her seat during a break in the performance.
Truly service above and beyond but somehow I was not surprised. Well done all round. Thank you.

As requested I am sending you our collective thoughts on the performance of La Traviata Glyndebourne on Saturday 11th October 2014.

We thought that Tom Cairns’s production seemed an ideal one to introduce opera to a new audience. It put emphasis on getting the strong story line across in a straightforward way without seeking to add heavy-handed references to the present day, whimsy, or directorial indulgence at the expense of the composer and his librettist. The three main roles were admirably sung and portrayed by young singers, and the young vigorous chorus was in fine form. We particularly liked the way the party-goers in the second party scene were clearly more seedy. This seemed rightly to confirm what Verdi had in mind.

In the great scene between Violetta and Germont, the tension was firmly held throughout. Roman Burdenko was in excellent voice. We were also convinced by Zach Borichevsky’s portrayal of Aklfredo as a rather gauche and immature young man caught up in a relationship which was far deeper and beyond what he had expected it to be. The clarity of his Italian diction and presentation of the text in his vibrant voice was very fine. The opera is usually only truly memorable if the Violetta carries conviction in all the different aspects of her persona. She is a hedonist, yet ready to be self-sacrificial, and as she needs to be, tragically moving in the last scene. Irina Dubrovskaya, with her her beautifully poised melting vibrato, never disappointed. We were also pleased by the director's risky decision to have Violetta at the end, alone and bathed in light, making a gesture with outstretched arms for redemption both for herself and for the others. Overall this seemed to be a memorable production.

I hope these comments will be of interest to you

We both enjoyed a superb performance of La Traviata last Friday October 17th. The two youthful leads were outstanding and Violetta deserved fully the rapturous applause at the end. The entire evening was both moving and memorable. I admit that there was a tear in my eye at some of the magnificent arias which populate this opera.
It is a pity that for some of the audience the comments about the set and dress seemed to take away from the night. We simply sat back and basked in the best rendition of this particular opera that we have ever attended. Well done Glyndebourne!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance, especially the lead roles, they were excellent.
Perhaps there could be a half hour break? twenty minutes is a little short and i agree with the comments regarding the mass of cars trying to leave at the end.

A thoroughly enjoyable La Traviata but a nightmare getting out of Glyndebourne. What has happened to the management of traffic after the performance? It was pretty bad during the main season but for the two Touring productions we have so far seen it was absolutely awful.

We saw this production on 17 October. The music and singing were superb, particularly Violetta and Giorgio Germont. Although it was modern dress, the designer achieved a wonderful effect, particularly in the party scenes. Well done!

Quite simply superb in all ways. My first time at Glyndebourne, but it won't be the last. Excellent lead roles and a genuinely moving production along with outstanding music. Thank you!

We saw Traviata during summer and this touring version was as wonderful as the performance in the summer. Well sung, acted and played. The sets reminded me of some of the expensive 'boutique' hotels that are springing up in fashionable areas and it made logical sense to update the opera to this setting. Altogether an amazing evening.

The singing was superb - Violetta was quite the best I have ever heard. We just felt the set was rather economical and drab.

We saw the Tour production on 7th October and thought it was wonderful. The orchestra and the cast were excellent, and by far the best Violetta we have ever heard.

The only blemish was the spotlight on the main characters in Act 11 as it was jerky and very distracting.

We had the pleasure of attending La Traviata on Tuesday 7th October. The singing from Irina Dubrovskaya, Zach Borichevssky and Roman Buedenko, was of an excellent standard and we thoroughly enjoyed their performance. Fabulous! We left Glyndebourne, 'buzzing' in anticipation of more brilliant performances to come. Luckily we are coming to La Finta giardiniera and The Turn of the Screw very soon.
Our only negative comment would be, that we all felt the 'production' of La Traviata, was rather 'drab' and the lightning too dull to enjoy the stage setting.
However we are looking forward to the next production very much.

An excellent production, well sung by the international principals and chorus and
beautifully conducted. My wife and I attended the matinee performance on Sat
11th October.

What a wonderful evening! The whole cast were excellent but the lead characters were fabulous.
Both my Husband and I were slightly put off by the comments regarding the set and its period choice - we both thought the set was fantastic and added atmosphere without detracting from either the story or the performances - well done! Is it that important to understand the context of the story through the period it is set in - far too emotional a plot and performance to consider whether or not his would have happened.
Congratulations to all - a feast for the ears and the eyes - my favourite Glyndebourne perormance so far !!

I took a young family to the family's day last Saturday. I was fearful at recommending the pre opera talk after the last year's debacle with Handsel and Gretel when 6 year olds were asked to sit through a scholarly talk on the brothers Grimm with not much mention of the opera we were about to hear. This years offering was brilliant. The whole day was superbly organised with lots of fascinating and informative things to do and see for all ages.

The only sad comment I would make is that I wish the programme of all the events had been sent with the tickets as apart from the notice of the workshop and talk, which were ticketed, I had no idea there was so much going on and would have arrived earlier if I had known. I am so looking forward to families day next year.

Disappointed by the boring set and dull costumes. However the singing and music were superb and we had a great time.

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