Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

La finta giardiniera

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5 October - 23 October 2014
Tour 2014

A new production from the 2014 Festival

The first performance of this opera took place in January 1775, a few weeks before the composer’s 19th birthday. Mozart’s brilliance flowered astonishingly early and all his brightest powers of invention are on display here.

Before the opera begins Sandrina, the Marchesa Violante, has been attacked and left for dead by her jealous lover, Belfiore. Disguising herself as a gardener, she enters the employment of a small-town mayor and the scene is set for a complex tale of mistaken identity, thwarted passion and heartbreak.

Mozart contrives dazzling music around a plot which alternates between high comedy and serious drama. Seven characters, each in search of true love, enter a maze of delusion and confusion, from which they emerge sadder but wiser.

There is a deep uneasiness that lies beneath all this complexity, tipping some of the characters into genuine madness. Is Sandrina mad to want Belfiore back when he has tried to kill her? Does she try to drive him insane as part of the price he has to pay for their ultimate reconciliation? Does love make everyone crazy?

Sung in Italian with English supertitles

The performance lasts approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, including one interval of 20 minutes.

Edited by Gernot Gruber and Alfred Orel (Neue Mozart-Ausgabe). Published by Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel represented by Faber Music, London.

Dates & Times - La finta giardiniera


Date Start Time Interval Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges
Sunday 5 October 2014 4:00pm 5:15 - 5:35pm 7:15pm £8.00 - £61.00 Book Now
Thursday 9 October 2014 7:00pm 8:15 - 8:35pm 10:15pm £8.00 - £61.00 Book Now
Sunday 19 October 2014 4:00pm 5:15 - 5:35pm 7:15pm £8.00 - £61.00 Book Now
Thursday 23 October 2014 4:00pm 5:15 - 5:35pm 7:15pm £8.00 - £61.00 Book Now

Woking, New Victoria Theatre

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Tuesday 28 October 2014 7:15pm 10:30pm £33.90 - £89.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now
Friday 31 October 2014 7:15pm 10:30pm £33.90 - £89.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now

Canterbury, The Marlowe Theatre

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Tuesday 4 November 2014 7:15pm 10:30pm £29.75 - £57.25 online Book Now
Thursday 6 November 2014 2:00pm 5:15pm £29.75 - £57.25 online Book Now

Norwich, Theatre Royal

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Tuesday 11 November 2014 7:15pm 10:30pm £6.50 - £52 Book Now
Thursday 13 November 2014 2:00pm 5:15pm £6.50 - £52 Book Now

Milton Keynes Theatre

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Tuesday 18 November 2014 7:15pm 10:30pm £28.90 - £79.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now
Thursday 20 November 2014 2:00pm 5:15pm £28.90 - £79.90 online + £2.85 transaction fee Book Now

Plymouth, Theatre Royal

Date Start Time Finish Time Ticket Price Ranges  
Tuesday 25 November 2014 7:15pm 10:30pm £12.70 - £50.20 Book Now
Thursday 27 November 2014 2:00pm 5:15pm £12.70 - £50.20 Book Now

Act I

The Podestà is in love with Sandrina, his new garden attendant, much to the chagrin of his servant Serpetta, who is in love with him. Sandrina, however, is actually the disguised Violante, who is searching for her lover Belfiore who a year ago stabbed her and fled, believing her dead. Sandrina’s companion and supposed cousin, Nardo (really her servant, Roberto), is in love with Serpetta.

Arminda, the Podestà’s niece, has spurned her admirer Ramiro for a new suitor. Sandrina is distraught to discover that Arminda’s new suitor is none other than her own errant lover Belfiore. When Belfiore arrives, he recognises Sandrina as Violante, but she refuses to admit her true identity. As Arminda senses that something is awry and fears losing Belfiore to Sandrina, Ramiro’s hopes of winning Arminda back are rekindled. 

Act II

After dismissing Ramiro, Arminda confronts Belfiore about Sandrina. Nardo vainly woos Serpetta. Sandrina continues to deny that she is Violante, and goes so far as to tell Belfiore that she witnessed Violante’s death. When Ramiro arrives and attempts to arrest Belfiore for the murder of Violante, Sandrina finally admits that she is Violante. Left alone with Belfiore, she tells him that it was merely a ruse to save him, and he loses his reason. 

Her marriage to Belfiore threatened, Arminda plots with Serpetta to abandon Sandrina in a desolate place. Nardo discovers the plot and leads a search for Sandrina. 

Confused and terrified, Sandrina also loses her reason and runs away. The search party arrives, but the darkness causes chaos. When Ramiro appears with a light, Belfiore and Sandrina find each other and imagine themselves to be Greek gods and the onlookers to be forest nymphs. 


The reunited Sandrina/Violante and Belfiore awaken, their senses restored, and decide that they must never part. 

Creative Team

Conductor Christopher Moulds
Director Frederic Wake-Walker
Designer Antony McDonald
Lighting Designer Lucy Carter

Cast includes

Don Anchise (Il Podestà) Timothy Robinson
Sandrina (La Marchesa Violante) Rosa Feola
Arminda Eleonore Marguerre
Belfiore Enea Scala
Ramiro Hanna Hipp
Serpetta Eliana Pretorian
Nardo Mattia Olivieri

The Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra


Hello Leslie,
La finta giardiniera was not filmed this season I am afraid, but you can see it on Tour.

I am seeking information re live cinema transmission of La F Gardiniera. The site does not seem to give me this opportunity. Iwould be pleased to receive this info by e-mail if convenient.(date and list of participating cinemas) (assuming that there IS a transmission) Many Thanks!

Oui, oui. les moutons etaient la, sur les pelouses et degoutaient les verre de champagne; mais l'opera, quelle domage! A l'Aix, la jandiniere etait une jardiniere. Ici, au Glyndebourne, elle etait La Cendrillon. Pas des plantes, pas des arbres. Pas des mains sale. Quelle jardiniere!

Bien dit Dominique. I am sure the tour version will be equally memorable. I was really hoping this would be on again next Summer. I just cannot get the wonderful melodies from this and Rinaldo out of my head. See it now in case it is not revived.

Merveilleuse representation ce vendredi 18juillet,il me semble que tout etait parfait sur la scéne et sur les pelouses ,les moutons etaient là et les coupes de Champagne aussi of course,une parenthéese de félicité dans ce monde si troublé ,c'est l'effet magique de Glyndebourne,tant mieux.

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