Luke Styles

Festival 2013 extra - Wakening Shadow

12 August - 17 August 2013

Jerwood Project

Jerwood Studio
August 12, 14, 16 & 17

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Vladimir Jurowski conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra in a new production for the 2013 Festival. Wakening Shadow is a new chamber opera born out of three of Britten’s Canticles (Abraham and Isaac, Journey of the Magi, The Death of Saint Narcissus). These Britten Canticles are orchestrated for large ensemble and contextualised with new music from Luke Styles, Glyndebourne’s Young Composer-in-Residence. Directed by emerging creative talent Daisy Evans, Wakening Shadow draws dramatic inspiration from Britten’s Canticles, celebrating the 2013 Britten Centenary, but goes deep into its own musical and thematic journey.

Britten’s Canticles were not composed for the stage but raised dramatic subject matter including religion, sacrifice, birth, death and humanity.  Wakening Shadow takes an abstract form and uses tableaux and the creation of atmospheres and situations for singers to exist within, rather than developing characters or imposing a narrative on the material.

The opera is something entirely new and abstract yet personal and at times dark and life affirming. A 2013 Festival must-see.

Supported by Glyndebourne’s New Generation Programme and by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Free These events are open to ticket holders for the performance on the same day. Tickets will be available from Monday 18 March 2013. 

Conductor Vladimir Jurowski
Composer Luke Styles
Director Daisy Evans
Set designer Sophie Mosberger
Costume designer Kitty Callister
Lighting designer Andrew May


Ione Angharad Morgan
Asia Lucy Hall
Panthea Angharad Lyddon
Isaac/Gaspar Owen Willetts  
Abraham Stuart Jackson
Melchior Oliver Johnston
Hermit Rupert Charlesworth
Balthazar Michael Wallace
Alastor Timothy Dickinson 

London Philharmonic Orchestra


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