Der Rosenkavalier study day

11 May 2014

Study Day Timings: 10.30am-5.30pm  

Price: £40 (not including lunch)*

Der Rosenkavalier in Context – (45 minutes)

Raymond Holden – Royal Academy of Music, author of Richard Strauss: A Musical Life 

Even an opera as well-known as Der Rosenkavalier reveals fascinating new insights when explored within the larger context of Strauss' overall output, especially his stage works as a whole and his other collaborations with librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal in particular. How does it progress from his earliest works, and what precedents does it establish for his later works? How is the anachronistic waltz used as a signifier and unifier in Rosenkavalier? How does the influence of Wagner show in Strauss's orchestration and his use of motifs in Rosenkavalier? How does Strauss use the large orchestra, often employing chamber textures but sometimes summoning its full strength? 

The French Connection (45 minutes)

Mark Everist – University of Southampton  

Der Rosenkavalier, seemingly the most Viennese of operas is, quite crucially but surprisingly to many, derived from 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-c. French sources (as is Ariadne auf Naxos right after it). Professor Everist will consider Hofmannsthal's and Strauss's interest in French culture and the relationship between French and Viennese culture (especially via their shared royal blood) and how that is all specifically manifested in Der Rosenkavalier.  

Treble Harmony (45 minutes)

David Nice – Writer, broadcaster, lecturer

Der Rosenkavalier celebrates Strauss' extraordinary love for the female voice, particularly the trio of vocal types represented by the characters Sophie, the Marschallin, and Octavian, which turn up continually throughout the Strauss canon.  Illustrating with rare sound clips, Mr. Nice will discuss the character types those voices represent, and how and why Strauss used these voice types to portray them, as well exploring the influence of Strauss' marriage to soprano Pauline de Ahna, his career as a conductor, and the singers he favoured. 

Live Musical Excerpt (30 minutes)

Glyndebourne singers will perform excerpts from Der Rosenkavalier, and along with the Assistant Director for this year's production will give an insight into the rehearsal process.

Panel Discussion (45 minutes)

Presenters from the day will participate in a panel discussion.

* Lunch is available at an extra cost of £14.90 for two courses if pre-booked. Please visit for more information.


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