Verdi, Giuseppe Simon Boccanegra DVD (1998)

Director Sir Peter Hall, conductor Mark Elder

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Director Sir Peter Hall

Conductor Mark Elder, the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Cast Elena Prokina, Giancarlo Pasquetto, David Rendall, Peter Sidhom, Alastair Miles, the Glyndebourne Chorus.

Set in 14th century Genoa, this production captures perfectly the shadowy world of scheming power politics, Set against a shimmering backdrop of the omnipresent sea. Two of Verdi’s recurring themes - the beauty of family love and the impossibility of even the best intentioned political power are united in Simon Boccanegra, an opera whose tenderness and insight can only leave the listener uplifted.

Running time 143 minutes

Subtitles Deutsch, English, Español

Format NTSC, regions 2,3,4,5,6

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