Large glass tablemat

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Using the traditional art of decoupage, three archive designs have been applied to  tablemats and coasters.  They are crackle glazed onto silverleaf or gold giving the appearance of fusing into the mat, as if hand-painted.

Large glass tablemat (34 x 24.5 cms) with felt backing.  Choose from three designs which can be mixed and matched to your instructions.

  • Glyndebourne Festival Programme book cover 1960 by Sir Osbert Lancaster (coaster in foreground)
  • Glyndebourne Festival Programme book cover 1969 by Sir Osbert Lancaster (medium size tablemat)
  • The Dinner Interval Opera Quiz 2000 by Peter Brookes. (Large tablemat in the background)

Made to order with 4 weeks delivery time.  Designed and hand crafted in Ditchling.

OL 1969 Auditorium
OL 1960 Gardens
PBrookes Opera Quiz

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