La finta giardiniera c. Jacobs

This recording was shortlisted for the Opera Awards 2013 in the CD (Complete Opera) catagory

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Conductor René Jacobs

Cast Sophie Karthäuser, Jeremy Ovenden, Alex Penda, Marie-Claude Chappuis, Nicolas Rivenq, Sunhae Im, Michael Nagy

Freiburger Barockorcheser

3 CDs, total playing time 3 hours, 

La finta giardiniera was long one of the least-known operas of the young Mozart, perhaps because the original Munich version, sung in Italian, quickly disappeared from the repertoire until it was revived in German from 1779 onwards. A posthumous version from 1796 displays a skilful re-orchestration, extremely 'symphonic' and typical of the late Mozart- to such an extent that numerous specialists have thought they detected the composer's own hand.

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