Don Giovanni c. Jacobs

Contains the arias of both versions created by Mozart- Prague 1787, and Vienna 1788

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Conductor René Jacobs

Cast Johannes Weisser, Lorenzo Regazzo, Alexandrina Pendatchanska, Olga Pasichnyk, Kennith Tarver, Sunhae Im, Nikolay Borchev, Alessandro Guerzoni

Freiburger Barockorchester

If there is one thing that marks out René Jacobs's approach to Mozart, it is the way he constantly asks himself questions- and the specifically musical brilliance of the answers he comes up with. His recording of this centrepiece of the Mozart/Da Ponte trilogy offers us the latest fruits of his reflections on Classical opera.  This production is nourished by his thoughts on Don Giovanni as taboo-breaker and on a 'physiology of roles' that respects Mozart's intentions as nearly as possible. 

 3 CD set, total playing time 2hr 50. Contains libretto and English translation

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