Don Giovanni c. Busch

Recorded during Glyndebourne Festival's third season, it remains a very special performance indeed.

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Conductor Fritz Busch

Cast John Brownlee, Ina Souez, Luise Helletsgruber, Koloman von Pataky, David Franklin, Roy Henderson, Savatore Baccoloni

Glyndebourne Festival Orchestra

3 CDs, total playing time 200 mintues.  Includes various excerpts from solo artists, and synopsis.

Recorded 1936

"This was the first recorded complete Don Giovanni, made at the Glyndebourne Festival's third season, and it remains a very special performance indeed. The wonderful Fritz Busch leads a theatrical, warm, smiling performance, filled with real people, and the performance lives. It is not a set that easily lends itself to excerpts, and there are few 'star turn' moments; rather, whole scenes simply click and the opera moves along as convincingly as any on disc. " Classics today 2001

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