Britten, Benjamin, The Turn of the Screw DVD (2011)
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Director Jonathan Kent

Conductor Jakub Hruša, the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Cast Miah Persson, Toby Spence, Susan Bickley, Giselle Allen, Joanna Songi, Thomas Parfitt. 

It is indeed ‘a curious story’, as the Prologue says. A remote English country house, an old and faithful housekeeper, two young orphan children and an eager new governess sent down from London to look after them. But all is not quite as it seems in the sheltered world of Bly. Spirits from the past increasingly encroach upon the realm of the living. And one question keeps worming its way into the governess’s mind: what exactly did happen between the children, their former governess and the deceased manservant, Peter Quint?

Britten’s brilliantly scored, insidiously compelling adaptation of Henry James’s novella takes its themes of childish innocence and adult corruption, then twists and turns them to disturbing and ultimately devastating effect. 

Featuring an extra 20 minute personal insight from Director Jonathan Kent and Conductor Jakub Hruša into their production. With behind the scenes access to rehearsals and additional interviews with the cast and creative team

Running time 111 minutes

Sung in English

Subtitles English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Format Region 2

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Introducing The Turn of the Screw

Miles and Flora:

Introducing the Governess

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