The plant factory

Photo: Rachel Piggott

Every year the Glyndebourne gardeners produce thousands of plants for the vegetable garden and the cut-flower garden and to supplement the permanent planting in the Glyndebourne flower beds.

Large quantities of cut flowers are needed for the Organ Room, Green Room and other areas around Glyndebourne during the Festival. Sweet peas are a popular flower in arrangements and so gardener Stephen Brockhurst has produced over 400 sweet pea plants for the gardens. No doubt the perfume around the vegetable garden should be intoxicating.

Head Gardener Kevin Martin is responsible for the well organised operation of ordering the seeds and planning the production schedule:

“The greenhouse is small for the number of plants we have to produce so we have to use every square foot as efficiently as possible. Our biggest difficulty is an old, inefficient heating system but we are hoping to raise money to replace it.”

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Seeds CollectionA selection of delicately designed packets of seeds straight from the Glyndebourne greenhouses (£4 per packet).

Favourites from the Glyndebourne garden, these carefully selected seeds are ready to sow to recreate a little slice of the grounds at home. Includes full sowing instructions and all four packet designs form a set, when placed together, to create a landscape image of the Glyndebourne opera house and gardens. Seeds available for £4 each include Echium pininana, Colutea arborescens, Cobaea scandens and Dianthus carthusianorum.                      

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