Our wind turbine

About the wind turbine

Our German-manufactured Enercon 44 stands at 67m to tip of the blade. During the planning period it was estimated, on the basis of data supplied by a meteorological mast located on the site of the turbine for 12 months to October 2009, this data then being analysed in conjunction with 14 years of official data recorded at the nearest weather station, that the turbine would, on average, supply 90% of Glyndebourne’s annual electricity requirements. This target was exceeded in the turbine's second year of operation when it produced 102% of the organisation's electricity requirements. In the twenty-four months since the turbine was launched by Sir David Attenborough, it has provided 95% of the organisation’s electricity needs.

The turbine was commissioned on 3 December 2011, since when we have been able to monitor total output and wind speeds.  On 7 February 2012 a meter was installed allowing us to calculate power imported and exported.  Please see the Wind Turbine Monthly Statistics page for monthly statistics from the turbine.

This is the single largest financially-viable initiative that could have been undertaken at this time to reduce Glyndebourne’s own-generated carbon emissions. We are committed to monitor electricity generated in real-time and will ensure that this information is made available on a monthly basis both via glyndebourne.com and on display boards at the site of the turbine.

Glyndebourne's wind turbine construction

Gus Christie said:

“I am delighted that the turbine is now operational and generating power.  It is a very exciting time for all of us at Glyndebourne and the first step in reducing our carbon footprint.  We will continue to look at all we do here to find additional ways to further reduce our impact on the environment.

I genuinely hope that our wind-turbine will inspire everyone associated with Glyndebourne,  and others, to explore ways in which they can reduce their own carbon footprint – that would be its greatest legacy.”

Gus Christie on the Glyndebourne wind turbine

We will be regularly publishing details of total power generated, power utilised directly by Glyndebourne and output to the grid, both on our website and at the site of the turbine.

For local residents who would like to learn more about this exciting development, you can email our dedicated email account (community@glyndebourne.com), which can be contacted during normal office hours.

The wind turbine will benefit the wider community by:

  • Making a significant reduction in Glyndebourne’s carbon dioxide emissions
  • Making a contribution towards the achievement of county, regional and national renewable energy targets
  • Raising awareness of the environmental benefits of wind energy development
  • Contributing to Glyndebourne’s longer term financial viability and security of local employment by reducing the company’s long term energy costs.

"There is a great beauty in seeing humanity working together with nature rather than against it. How paradoxical it is that while most people think eighteenth-century windmills are beautiful, some consider these twenty-first century windmills to be ugly. Wind turbines provide a most valuable way of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions and I fully support Glyndebourne’s initiative."

- Sir David Attenborough

Download statements from the public inquiry held in Lewes in February 2008:

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