25th April 2012
Glyndebourne will celebrate the 2012 European Opera Days campaign by hosting a free online streaming of On Such A Night, a charming and captivating film from Glyndebourne’s rich archive featuring John Christie, David Knight, Marie Lohr and Josephine Griffin.
4th April 2012
Glyndebourne has become the latest charity to join the Legacy 10 campaign which seeks to encourage charitable giving in the UK. The campaign dovetails with changes to inheritance tax rules which take effect on 6 April 2012. In future people leaving at least 10% of their estate to charity will pay a lower rate of inheritance tax than they have in the past.  
3rd April 2012
The 78th Glyndebourne Festival presents 12 inspirational artists exhibiting more than 100 pieces of art and sculpture in the annual art collection that supports Glyndebourne’s Festival. Visual arts have long been integral to Glyndebourne and today, this area of work enhances our cultural output and compliments the annual Festival presenting a series of artistic and sculptural debuts that harmoniously synchronise with the 2012 Festival repertoire.
3rd April 2012
Glyndebourne yesterday hosted the world premiere of a major new production conceived and performed by artists with learning disabilities. Gold Run was inspired by the story of the return of learning disabled athletes to the Olympics at London 2012. A ban had been in place since 2000 following the discovery that the Spanish basketball team were fielding non learning disabled players.

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