Wind turbine delivery update

Update 16 January 2012

We are delighted that after some years in the planning, Glyndebourne’s wind turbine was installed on Friday 14 October 2012. Glyndbourne's turbine became operational in December 2011 and since that time we can proudly report we have eported 140,000 kilowatts.

We will be regularly publishing details of total power generated, power utilised directly by Glyndebourne and output to the grid, both on our site and at the site of the turbine.

For local residents who would like to learn more about this exciting development, yo can email our dedicated email account, which can be contacted during normal office hours.


Congratulations on seenig this project over all hurdles to a successful conclusion

We saw the new turbine today, on our way to Heathfield. It looks great!
Congratulations to you for taking a significant and courageous step forward!

I drove past on Saturday and thought it looked quite majestic. The simple fact is that you see wind turbines throughout the countryside these days. I am sure as time moves forward they will just blend in as electricity pylons have [despite the latter being most unsightly imo]. If such enterprises produce greener energy and their placement is the result of careful consultation then I see no danger of them taking over the vista of the South Downs.
Glyndebourne has taken a very positive step that is forward looking and should be commended for their efforts.

You say that you will be putting information about power generated and used on Glyndebourne site and Turbine site. Will this be on the ground near the turbine on Mill Plain and
Opera house or web sites?

We drove past in full view of the new high-tech "tower"/ "tree" on Sunday; as often with large wind turbines in the countryside, our opinions were divided. Is "the blot on the landscape" something of beauty, or something we will appreciate over time for its clean energy ? And if such is allowed near the South Downs on unspoilt hills, why not have a modest "array" of them, and supply Ringmer as well !

Why is there a time limit?

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