Welcome to Glyndebourne’s new website

Over the past few months, we have been working intensively behind the scenes to create a new and enhanced Glyndebourne.com.

We’ve made a number of improvements we hope you’ll like:

  • A new design to showcase our unique location and acclaimed productions
  • A simplified menu structure and cleaner homepage, making it easier to find the information you want
  • A redesigned ‘Tickets and what’s on’ area, to make online booking even easier
  • A ‘Select your own seat’ facility for the 2011 Festival (which will be available from March 2011)
  • A new ‘Discover’ area featuring images, video and audio clips as well as learning resources and archive content
  • An enhanced online shop offering a complete catalogue of our DVD and CD releases
  • A simple way to donate online.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new site and would appreciate your comments and feedback.

Contact digitalmedia@glyndebourne.com or leave your comments below.


Good to see the attractive enhancements.

But one niggle. I get really irritated by many of the new websites designed by programmers with expensive equipment who haven't done research on the actual screen ratios used by the MAJORITY of people. Therefore you spend half the time sliding the bar from one side to the other. Wide screen is for viewing music video and films on laptops. Most of us use the screen for office work.

Earlier programming built in automatic re-formatting. More recent programming just treats 4:3 monitor users with contempt.

I wonder if Glyndebourne would have the courtesy to do a clone of the new site in 4:3 format - preferred by many users to "letterbox" viewing. It can also be noted that a 4:3 design can equally easily be viewed in wide screen, but not vice versa.

What a beautifully laid out website. I have enjoyed exploring it enormously.

A great new site, and some welcome enhancements. Clear and easy to use too.

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