Make your mark on the Glyndebourne stage

Imago director Susannah Waters talking to participants of a recruitment workshop in September

Open auditions to recruit 90 people across Sussex to appear on the main stage at Glyndebourne opera house start next Saturday (29 September).

In March 2013 Glyndebourne will stage the world premiere of Imago, its latest large-scale community opera, and the hunt is now on for a host of talented local people to join the cast.

Glyndebourne is searching for 50 young people aged 16 and over, plus 30 adults up to the age of 80 to make their mark alongside a professional cast.  There are also a number of solo roles open to performers from the local community. Glyndebourne are particularly keen to hear from young men aged between 16 and 25.

Auditions for Imago’s community chorus take place from September 29 - 7 October 2012 in venues across East Sussex. The team behind the production are focussed on developing rather than establishing talent; they are searching for people with existing levels of skill and experience on a stage – whether that’s school or college theatre or experience with amateur dramatics at any age.

Imago also features a range of solo roles for talented amateur singers. Auditions for these will take place on Saturday 13 October. To register your interest and secure a place at any Imago audition simply email

Imago will be directed by Susannah Waters, an accomplished author and former opera singer, and designed by Es Devlin, fresh from her success designing the Olympic closing ceremony and Kanye West's recent O2 concerts.

Susannah said: “I am really excited by the amount of interest we’ve had in Imago from the local community and I can’t wait to meet lots of talented local people as auditions get underway. This really is a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages from across Sussex to experience performing on the main stage at Glyndebourne; having done that myself I can confirm that it’s an absolute joy.”

Glyndebourne is also keen to hear from any young instrumentalists (Grade 8+) interested in joining the Imago orchestra. The award-winning Aurora Orchestra will support any new orchestra recruits to help them skill-up professionally and inspire them on to a future in classical music.

For more information go to or find us on Facebook at Imago The Opera.

To register your interest or find out more, email:



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