Get 25% off any CD on the Glyndebourne label

Glyndebourne Label CDs

Book tickets online for Glyndebourne Festival 2013 between Monday 18 March 12.01am and midnight Sunday 25 March and get 25% off any CD on the Glyndebourne label during this time.

In this celebratory year of music; listen to Britten, Verdi, Mozart and much more, in advance of the Festival. From Verdi’s Falstaff (recorded in 1960) to Britten’s Billy Budd (recorded in 2010) the Glyndebourne music label is a rich archive of live recordings which is constantly expanded year on year.

The idea of making archival recordings of performances was first proposed in the late 1950s when John Barnes, a passionate supporter of Glyndebourne, recorded literally thousands of performances using state of the art equipment. The tradition continues today with new recordings being added to John’s legacy that lives on in the collection.

The repertoire includes further work by Strauss, Donizetti, Prokofiev, Debussy, Beethoven, Dvořák, Bellini, Handel, Bizet and Humperdinck as well as Britten, Verdi and Mozart.

Critical acclaim for releases has included Sunday Times ‘CD of the Week’, BBC Radio 3 ‘Disc of the Week’ and Gramophone Magazine Editor’s Choice.

To see the full range of titles on the Glyndebourne label visit the glyndebourne shop


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