Leaving a gift in your will

Photo: Mike Hoban

Legacies can support specific areas of work like education or young singers, or contribute more generally towards the operatic enjoyment of future generations. Either way, they can make a unique memorial to a personal involvement with Glyndebourne. 

If you leave a gift in your will to a charity then it is exempt from inheritance relief.  Since last year this relief has become even more generous.  If you leave 10 per cent or more of the value of your taxable estate to charity , not only is the gift itself exempt from IHT but the remaining estate is subject to IHT at 36% rather than 40%.

Legacies can be made by way of a gift of cash, shares or property and your solicitor can advise you on writing your will. As Glyndebourne Arts Trust is a registered charity (no. 208743) no inheritance tax is payable on the amount of your legacy. In certain situations this may be an effective way of reducing the tax liability of your estate whilst benefiting a favourite charity.

For further information please download the PDF documents below and/or contact:

Sarah Dalton, Head of Individual Giving 
Phone: +44(0)1273 815044
Email: sarah.dalton@glyndebourne.com

Our appreciation: the John Christie Society

In 1934, Glyndebourne was founded through the generosity and vision of Audrey Mildmay and John Christie. The international festival it has become today is a credit to their vision: ‘Not the best we can do but the best that can be done anywhere. To honour their legacy we have created the John Christie Society to recognise and thank generous and forward thinking individuals who are leaving Glyndebourne a gift in their will. In addition to the financial and tax benefits associated with legacies, John Christie Society members have the opportunity to become more involved with Glyndebourne.

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