La Cenerentola 2012

Your reviews of the Festival 2012 revival production

La Cenerentola 2012, Photo: Clive Barda

Another excellent evening at Glyndebourne. The excellent cast, in which Cenerentola's coloratura was particularly remarkable, and very high production values all added to the experience. Dining in Nether Wallop was, as ever, enjoyable. The staff at G. are always so nice. This (the music, the setting, the staff etc) is the best ofEnglandand I always feel happy here. Now, if you would just turn your efforts to improving the weather ..... Congratulations to all involved.

Paul Braiden 25th July 2012

This was a wonderful evening, absolutely delightful. The cast was perfect, none of the seven could be faulted. Each made one think their character anew: thus, Shenyangwas a dignified Alidoro, a convincing mentor, his revelation to Cenerentola of his true identity, touching. Armando Noguera, Umberto Chiummo and Elena Xanthoudakis each brought new light to their roles. Elizabeth DeShong’s vocal range is spectacular. Everything clicked into place with exhilarating precision built on James Gaffigan’s taut, buoyant direction and realised by Hall/Hockney – a masterly production which allowed, encouraged, the drama and the music to speak for themselves. Here there is one minor niggle: in the storm scene the crashing of the shutters drowns Rossini’s wonderful musical picture.
This was one of the very first operas I ever saw (Opera for All c1964) and remains a favourite, and this is the third time I’ve seen this production, but this performance made the greatest impression, everything fitted, the action built with wonderful inevitably, beautifully detailed.
Perhaps most importantly, it enabled on to appreciate Rossini’s full genius, the amazing orchestra writing, perfectly delivered by the LPO, and the work’s clever construction – the breathtaking moments when the action stops and the characters speak directly to the audience. The sort of evening you wish would go on and on.
Please revive this production every year with the identical cast and conductor!

David Gladwell 24th July 2012

...fantastic performance with brilliant singers, lovely surroundings in beautiful sunshine and exellente food and wine made our trip from Norwayto Glyndebourne a fairytale..

Inger and Torunn 24th July 2012

We enjoyed Glyndebourne at its very best when we attended the performance on Wednesday 4th July. The production, orchestra, and singers were all excellent, the atmosphere in the auditorium was good and it was nice to hear a great deal of laughter throughout the evening. We were even blessed with some warm sunshine for a change before the performance!

Colin and Sandra Tann 12th July 2012

and were just as thrilled with it as then. The acting and singing were as brilliant as last time. The whole evening was magical and an unforgettable experience. Congratulations to all those involved in staging this glorious Rossini opera.

Jonathan and Sarah 12th July 2012

Production is revved up and better than before... Elizabeth de Shong ( from kitchen maid 2011 to kitchen maid 2012) was stunningly good... the young men Ok but not up to standards of the ladies. But a wonderful show on another night of indoor picnicing...

Peter 11th July 2012

One of the most enjoyable Glyndebourne evenings in recent years with a stunning cast and players making the performance fizz throughout.

Father David Lawrence-March 11th July 2012

We live inChinafor much of the year but look forward immensely to Glyndebourne on our annual summer visit.

This year La Cenerentola was our third choice (we could not get tickets to our first and second choices) but we would not have missed this production for anything. It was terrific. Would love to buy the DVD.

Barbara Heap 11th July 2012

Last night we saw what was one of the most enjoyable opera performances I have been to for some time - it was brilliant; especially the final aria. It was the first visit to Glyndebourne for 2 of my friends who travelled from Gloucestershire - they loved it, what an amazing introduction to Glyndebourne!

Pam Bowmaker 11th July 2012

Quite simply fabulous. A total joy from the stupendously played overture to the closing bars of the evening. Thank you for such perfection and fun.

Ross Tulloch 11th July 2012

A dry evening back in May and the gardens were never more beautiful. Cenerentola a fabulous production and Cinderella's voice magnificent. Everybody sang very well indeed and loved the whole evening so much so that we sent our two daughters yesterday!

hannahcolton 11th July 2012

Superb production. The only thing that could be improved was the weather. That, I leave in the hands of gods.

NMMalta 11th July 2012

I've been humming various lines ever since Saturday's performance, and so has my husband - absolutely magnificent, all round - the singing, the acting, the comedy, the costumes, the music. I was amazed at the presence of all the singers even when they were not singing, they were fully engaged in the story through their expressions towards each other. I would certainly want to see this again, and we already viewed the earlier production online before seeing it live. I would agree to the call for a dvd please! This to me is what opera is about, amazing harmony singing and music, and less of the extra on stage activities and over acting for the sake of it. And the period costume really adds to create a visually pleasing effect rather than modern costumes often chosen in Glyndebourne productions. Really well produced, thank you. I would also like to say we had a superb meal at Mildmay, with wonderful service.

Kate 9th July 2012

excellent evening improvised picnic via brollies and hatchback of car!

david reeve 9th July 2012

Vintage Glyndebourne(7th July). It would be churlish to identify any one performer for special praise. The cast vocally well balanced, the ensembles as close to perfection as could be,a production with wit without haming it up. An evening showcasing what Glyndebourne is all about.
It was a particular pleasure to be introducing 2 young persons (11 and 13) to their first opera. What a way to start.
Who cares aout the rain.

Adam Hogg 9th July 2012

Another memorable production. Everything was terrific: the singing was superb. No need to explain, the audience reaction was testimony to that and so too was that of the conductor to the orchestra. In the aria when "Dandini" tells the baron he is a rogue, everyone was so very lively and excited. It was a true climax not just of singing but of all the emotions. The audience went wild, the singers on stage looked positively thrilled and delighted not just by their magnificent singing but the overall atmosphere in the theatre too. The orchestra played with such verve - the string players swerved as they played and the conductor beamed back at each and every one of them. At the conclusion, the audience responded with tumultous applause, whilst the conductor repeatedly banged his baton against his lectern, as he looked around his assembled orchestra and beamed his universal appreciation to each and every member in the orchestra. That was a sight not often seen. Bravo to all concerned and well done Glyndebourne yet again. Thank you all.

Anonymous 8th July 2012

From the moment the LPO swelled into the Overture, this production built expectation. Don Magnifico was truly magnificent. An hilariously versatile face whose Italian personality trumped all his scenes with a highly comedic combination of braggadochio and vulnerability. Clorinda a marvellous voice and wonderful display of jealousy and resentment. Alidoro, Dandini and Romero all fine voices developing the imbroglio. A strong Cenerentola to lead a very talented cast of principals. Over 15 years including the 2005 production, Glyndbourne has never presented such a convincing and entertaining performance. The Revival Director and Conductor deserved every bit of the foot-stomping applause.

Mike Fullerton 25th June 2012

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