La bohème 2012

Your reviews of the 2012 Festival production

Mimi La Boheme 2012 Production

Another world class performance with music and singing especially fine. We felt the attempt at a modern setting was not entirely successful and while Ekaterina Scherbachento's singing was outstanding her physical presence did not make for a convincing Mimi.

Mike Shun 9th August 2012

Thank you for this marvelous and majestic evening. I loved the production and I love the sound of the orchestra. But my favorite thing is the chemistry the two leads and their voices. Are they married? I was in tears since his Che Gelida Manina, what a voice! and then when they finally kissed, I really wanted this boheme to not end in the way everyone knows. They are so real with each other. She looks and sings like a princess and he looks at her and sings to her with total passion and devotion. They both have big voices but they delivered beautiful pianos and diminuendos too. Superstars they will be.

Anonymous 15th June 2012

This was a stunning production with wonderful singing. We had a fabulous evening of music and fun.

Anonymous 7th June 2012

La Boheme A wonderful production all round. Superb voices. Worthy of a standing ovation, had I not been so conscious of drying the tears I would have stood up.

Anonymous 9th June 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed last night's performance. Have seen this opera many times - last night was the first time that the death scene actually tugged at the old heart strings. All the cast, but especially the 6 main characters were excellent actors as well as top notch singers. Some scenes were reminiscent of my son's student digs! Well done all.

Anonymous 7th June 2012

What a joy. Even by Glyndebourne's high standards that was magical. The tenor David Lomeli and soprano Ekaterina Scherbachenko sung so beautifully and the orchestra played their socks off. Bravo!

Dave MacAdam 9th June 2012

What a wonderful evening. It was lively, colourful and immensely moving. The cast were first rate (how good to see Donald Maxwell again even if only in a cameo role). The young lovers sang beautifully and moved the heart. Bravo the orchestra and conductor; the score came across as if we were hearing it for the first time. Those in the audience new to the opera (including our guests) had the best possible introduction; we who have seen numerous productions over the years thanked our lucky stars that we had seen this stunningly good show.

Roy Blackwell 11th June 2012

The performance on the 19th was a triumph. The singing and orchestral playing were of the highest order and, on this occasion (unlike Macbeth) the modern production helped to illumine new aspects of an old favourite - and we had an 86 year-old traditionalist in our group. Please pass our congratulations and thanks especially to the conductor - some "night out" for him!

Bill Wicksteed 20th July 2012

My husband and I last came to Glyndebourne 52 years ago. We returned as a celebration of our golden wedding and what a wonderful day we had it was an amazing experience, the singing was glorious. I must say that the new theatre is a real triumph. Thank you everyone

Margaret Wilks 17th July 2012

I went with my family to this performance last Friday. And I have to say that I enjoyed so much. The tenor David Lomeli was amazing! Best voice in the festival next to DeShong and Leonard from Cenerentola and Figaro.

Peter Schiff 17th July 2012

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