An interview with Lydia Teuscher

Lydia Teuscher in Le nozze di Figaro, Glyndebourne Festival 2013, Photo: Robert Workman

German Soprano Lydia Teuscher talks to the LPO about her role as Cherubino in Glyndebourne’s latest production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro

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Q.1 You have performed in Le nozze di Figaro before for Glyndebourne but in the role of Susanna, how does that compare with Cherubino, a very different character that you are playing in 2013?

The two roles couldn't be more different on stage, Susanna is one of the longest roles in the operatic repertoire with the most stage time. Whereas Cherubino involves less stage time and is more concerned about himself and the women around him. He is hated by the Count and he is loved by women. He is honest and adorable so the two roles are very different characters to sing and play which is both challenging and joyful! This particular production has such wonderful comedic moments that Cherubino is great fun to play from that perspective. 

Q.2 Mozart’s music has so much characterisation in it, how have you worked with this to interpret the role of Cherubino?

One of the most fascinating things about Mozart is that everything is so eloquently expressed through the music, the characters are simply there to enhance Mozart’s beautiful musical composition, giving the words their life and character. I have taken this inspiration and the boyish charm I hear in Cherubino’s voice and maximised this for the role.

Q.3 You are working with some great singers in this year’s staging of Le Nozze di Figaro – the cast is a truly international one, how have all the personalities come together to create this wonderful piece?

I think this year's cast is a very special one, the people are so nice and such an eclectic mix of personalities and singers - which is great for cast interaction and bonding. The cast have really worked together to create something new which is sometimes difficult when you have already performed your role in a variety of productions across the world but at Glyndebourne the trick is to take on board the diversity of experience and make that your strength. 

Q.4 You have sung in London, Japan, São Paulo, Washington – the list is too long to go on, what is it about Glyndebourne that brings you back each time?

Quite simply, I adore the sheep! But seriously, I just love this place, whenever I go somewhere else I know very soon if i love or hate it and although I have had some very difficult experiences performing elsewhere in the past, I have never had that experience at Glyndebourne, it’s always been one of my favourite places to work and to perform, right away from my first experience here. It is partly due to the very high standards - in every respect - and partly because everybody who works at Glyndebourne (starting with the stage door team as you enter) are so nice and helpful, that performers here try their very best to be the best and reflect the high standards across the board.

Q.5 And finally, what are you looking forward to the most in this year’s Glyndebourne Festival?

I'm very much looking forward to all the performances with this wonderful cast and orchestra and Jeremy Rohrer! I have already had the chance to sing with LPO when we did Hänsel and Gretel which was already a wonderful experience for me but crucially I love to see all the other performances and enjoy the wonderful evenings at Glyndebourne and now I have the chance to bring my family here to enjoy this quintessentially British experience.  What a delight for us all!

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