An interview with Elliot Madore playing Don Giovanni

Elliot Madore

You performed as Ramiro in Laurent Pelly's hugely popular L'enfant et les sortileges; after such a successful UK and Glyndebourne debut in 2012, are you ready for the title role of Don Giovanni in Glyndebourne's 80th anniversary Festival?

Yes, absolutely! It's an honour to be given this opportunity and I feel very fortunate to be working with such a great cast and team here at Glyndebourne.

Renowned as a Mozart house, Glyndebourne is once again staging the hugely popular Don Giovanni, you could say back by popular demand. How does it feel to be taking up the mantle of Gerry Finley? 

I'm a huge Gerald Finley fan. I bought his CDs when I was a teenager and I've admired him ever since. I've been lucky enough to coach the role of Don Giovanni with him while I was at the Met Young Artist Program. Following in his footsteps here at Glyndebourne is a great responsibility and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Fellow Canadian Layla Claire returns to Glyndebourne after her successful Tour debut in Le nozze di Figaro in 2012, have you shared the secrets of a good Festival with her? 

I just made sure she knew where the fish and chips shop was here in Lewes! That's always important.

You have performed all over the globe at some of the world’s greatest opera houses, what is it about Glyndebourne that drew you back?

Glyndebourne is really a wonderful place to sing. It's like a family here. You feel like you know everybody. The house itself is a dream to sing in. The fact that you can sing in a practice room with a view that overlooks the English countryside is truly remarkable. There are so many wonderful things about this place. If I could sing here every summer, I would!

Glyndebourne has been staging sell-out Festival productions of Don Giovanni since 1936, have you looked through the archive at some of the great Dons? 

I haven't had a chance to look in Glyndebourne’s archive as yet but I know that two of my favourite Don Giovannis have sung here: Gerald Finley and Thomas Allen, both to great acclaim. 

Known as a Mozart house, Glyndebourne is staging two eclectic Mozarts in its 80th anniversary Festival, what does that mean to you as a performer returning to the main stage?

Incredible performers have pasted through here over many years. To be a part of that history is a great thing and a feeling for me as a performer.

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Image: Elliot Madore in rehearsals as Don Giovanni - James Bellorini

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