How to warm up your singing voice

Danielle de Niese gives advice and instruction on how to warm up your voice for that pitch perfect sound we're so used to hearing on the Glyndebourne stage.

Buy her range of CDs from the Glyndebourne shop or see her on DVD in Guilio Cesare and L'incoronazione di Poppea.


Gyndebourne is a breath of fresh air! It's a pity we live so far away (the tyranny of distance between Europe and 'down under' is the only shortcoming of the wonderful country I live in!) and, therefore, unable to subscribe to your opera season. If that were possible, I would do so in a heartbeat.

To the extent that I could, I have bought as many Gyndebourne recordings as are available (that may be a slight exageration, but only slight), as well as the commemorative book 'GLYNDEBOURNE' that came out last year. Listening or reading them, they transport us (my wife, Ana, and me) all those thousands of miles that separate us. That's the next best thing to being there.

One of these days, Ana, (who is equally mad-keen on opera), and I will make the trip - she with her cocktail frock and me in my penguin suit.

I just loved Danielle de Niese description of her warm up exercises. Besides being beautiful to look at (who goes to only 'hear' opera these days?), she is vivacious and hugely talented.

With heartfelt thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful institution,

Paul Bondin
Ana Singer

Great idea! Very helpful.

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