The Glyndebourne Label

The Glyndebourne label was launched in 2008 and is just one of the digital innovations which Glyndebourne is exploring in order to ensure its output can be enjoyed by a new and wider audience. It aims to provide opportunities to hear not only some of the best of Glyndebourne’s current work, but also treasures from its sound archives.

The Glyndebourne label is able to draw on a remarkable collection of thousands of recordings made since the late 1950s by recording expert John Barnes. John was dedicated to preserving Glyndebourne’s work and insisted on using the highest quality equipment and materials available at the time. John’s recordings were originally made for archival purposes and effectively ‘eavesdrop’ on live performances.  The recorded sound derived from microphones of extremely high quality, located for the most part high above the orchestra pit. This practice has resulted in vividly realistic recordings with the sound corresponding very closely to that which the audience heard in the live environment.

In 2013 the entire Glyndebourne label back-catalogue became available for digital download for the first time on iTunes. To mark the new phase in the label’s growth, Glyndebourne created its first ever compilation inspired by its long association with Mozart; a collection of tracks from recordings from Cosi fan tutte and Le nozze di Figaro. Visit the Glyndebourne iTunes store at

Or buy the CDs from the Glyndebourne shop - the full list of releases can be found here.

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