Glyndebourne Association America


Glyndebourne Association America Inc (GAA) is a US-based charitable organisation supporting Glyndebourne and its productions. Contributions to GAA are tax deductible for US citizens and taxpayers to the extent permitted by US law.

Benefits include guaranteed access to Festival tickets and an acknowledgement in the Glyndebourne Festival programme.

We offer the following levels of GAA membership:

Old Green Room Society 
Priority booking for up to 24 tickets per Festival 
One year =  $10,000   

Priority booking for up to 24 tickets per Festival (up to 6 tickets per production)
One year =  $5,000
Five years = $15,000
10 years = $25,000

Priority booking for up to 12 tickets per Festival
One year = $2,500

For details and information in the USA, contact:
Mark Waldstein
McLaughlin & Stern
260 Madison Avenue
New York
10016 USA
Phone:  (212) 448 6263

Fax: (212) 448 6260

Glyndebourne Membership Department
Phone: +44(0)1273 815400

Why is there a time limit?

Due to demand from other customers seats are reserved for a maximum of 20 minutes in order to allow you to complete your purchase. If the order has not been completed within this time, all seats will be removed from your basket.