Festival Collection 2014

Welcome to the Glyndebourne Shop's 2014 collection. Available to purchase online, and from the Glyndebourne Shop onsite, we have showcased three new products below, each with their own special stories.

Proud to picnic - the great British tradition

Picnic at GlyndebourneThe picnic or 'picque nicque' dates back to the 17th century when it was first associated with rural hunts and later on became an outdoor family oriented occasion.

Opera lovers have been picnicking for over 50 years at Glyndebourne enjoying the beautiful grounds and taking advantage of the long interval to soak up the evening summer sun. Some of the more innovative picnickers even use the lake to keep their wine and champagne chilled whilst they are in the theatre.

Image: Audiences enjoying a picnic at Glyndebourne in 1960. This image is available to buy along with other classic photography and archive programme covers from Glyndebourne Prints.

Julian Opie 2014 Festival programme design

Programme coverAt Glyndebourne we consider picnicking to be an art, so much so that this year we have added the ultimate blanket to our picnic collection. Although Glyndebourne Festival is best known for opera it has a long history of showcasing the work of visual artists both on stage and off. A different artist is commissioned every year to design the cover of the Programme Book, with the books being collectible in their own right. This year is no exception - Julian Opie has put his own inimitable, instantly recognisable stamp on one of Glyndebourne’s most powerful visual cues; its sheep.


Items in our picnic collection start from just £2.50 for our sustainable range of wooden cutlery through to a range of picnic rugs.

Inspired by the house that George built

TheatreMany artists and designers have been inspired by what they have seen both onstage and offstage at Glyndebourne. Abby Mosseri, a local jewellery designer, is no exception and when asked to design a range of jewellery inspired by the house that George built, in our 80th anniversary year, she jumped at the chance.

Theatre inspired jewellryShe notes: 'Within the architectural landscape of Glyndebourne, the Opera House is dominant. It stands strong and solid with sweeping curves and an elegant, oriental roof. When seeing Glyndebourne panoramically the excitement sets in when your eyes reach the Opera House. This is where it's all going to happen - the heart of Glyndebourne.

Initially I took photographs at Glyndebourne, and then back at my studio I loosely drew some ideas, always keeping in mind who might wear the final designs. I usually design several pieces and then consider the making processes involved, this helps me make a decision on which design to use. I then make a metal prototype of the chosen design and work out its 'wearability'. Once  I am happy with the piece I make repeats in silver introducing gold and gemstones to add detail and colour.'

Abby's collection consists of earrings, necklaces and cufflinks made from silver, gold plating and chrysoprase (a natural gemstone) made in her Lewes studio.

Browse Abby's theatre-inspired jewellery collection here. Made to order.

Meet Billy - he believes all children are musical

The BandstandDan Newell is a trumpeter with Glyndebourne's resident orchestra, the LPO, as well as the author of the best-selling Billy's Band series of books for children.

Billy believes that all children are musical and each book includes a CD that covers pitch, tempo, dynamics, duration, texture, timbre, improvisation and different musical genres. This gives children, parents and teachers the opportunity to be imaginative and inventive whilst having lots of musical fun.

Two of Dan's books about Billy are available The Bandstand and The Jewel Thief. Buy now. Find out more about Billy's Band.

View the full new summer collection here.

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