The Fairy Queen 2012

Your reviews of the Festival 2012 revival production

The Fairy Queen 2012 Production

Absolutely wonderful performance and I will remember it for the rest of my life. It was one of the best spectacles I have ever seen.

Anonymous 27th August 2012

This was probably the most outstanding Glyndebourne evening we have ever experienced. When we read the reviews a couple of years ago we regretted not seeing The Fairy Queen then , so we were delighted to have the chance in 2012. We were not disappointed; the combination of music, dancing, acting, sadness and silliness worked superbly.

A special "Gold Star" to Adam & Eve - the transformation from innocence to knowing was amazing, as were the costumes .....

Congratulations to everone involved.

Chris & Sue Wade 22nd August 2012

A wonderful evening. We had not seen it before and were entranced. The semi opera form is intriguing. Interesting that it came almost exactly 100 years before Mozart.

Thanks to you to all for a great production.

Peter, Alison, Leonora and Joyce 21st August 2012

La Boheme A wonderful production all round. Superb voices. Worthy of a standing ovation, had I not been so conscious of drying the tears I would have stood up.

Anonymous 9th June 2012

Thoroughly enjoyed last night's performance. Have seen this opera many times - last night was the first time that the death scene actually tugged at the old heart strings. All the cast, but especially the 6 main characters were excellent actors as well as top notch singers. Some scenes were reminiscent of my son's student digs! Well done all.

Anonymous 7th June 2012

The Fairy Queen on Saturday evening was my first visit to Glyndebourne, and it was wonderful.

I work in one of the tour venue theatres and have enjoyed many Glyndebourne productions there but this was in a different league.

Thank you for a brilliantly entertaining and beautifully executed performance.

Hannah 20th August 2012

One of the most enjoyable evenings we have ever spent at Glyndebourne. Wonderful singing, acting, and dancing, and an incredible set design - how you packed it all into one performance is amazing. Oh, and it was very funny as well!

Anonymous 22nd July 2012

Terrific, something for everyone.

Gerald Beetles 17th August 2012

Although I have been going to Glyndebourne for number of years, this is the first time I saw this production of Fairy Queen on 18 August. It was absolutely fabulous, took us through magical dream and gave us hour of pure theatrical joy.

Anil Singh 20th August 2012

Couldn't have been better. Wonderful choral sections, witty, imaginative and fresh - although I had seen this production before it still wowed me anew. Wonderful Laurence Cummings leading from the harpsicord and singing along. Thank you Glyndebourne for your lovely young singers and dancers. Magical.

Valerie McAuley 25th August 2012

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