Don Pasquale 2013

Your reviews of the Festival 2013 production

Don Pasquale Festival 2013, Photo: Clive Barda

Wonderful performance, full of joy and humanity. The cast seemed to enjoy the opera almost as much as the audience... never to be forgotten.

Michael Swash 14th August 2013

We saw Don P first about 10 days ago and enjoyed it so thoroughly that we returned to see it again yesterday, 11 August. All the principals were superb; the orchestra 'fizzed' and the sets were fascinating. The Chatelaine of Glyndebourne was just superb, in voice and in characterisation of the role. A delightful evening of operatic fun, all superbly done.

Roy Palmer 12th August 2013

Donizetti’s Don Pasquale was such a success! Right from the very start of the opera I was blown away. The use of the rotating stage was so clever and in my opinion really helped set the scene of the opera for the audience.

The singing was outstanding. I was especially impressed by Alek Shrader and Danielle de Niese. As soon as Alek Shrader (Ernesto) started singing, I really realised just how beautiful music like this can become. I really think that Glyndebourne is lucky to have such amazing singers and I feel privileged to have been able to see them at the age of fifteen!

I thought that the use of the chorus as a ‘second audience’ was most interesting and especially added to the clever choreography of the opera.

I thought the opera was exactly what it was meant to signify: beauty and fun; light-hearted entertainment as well as having many moving passages – very well balanced.

Anonymous 7th August 2013

Superb evening - the vibrancy, charm, charisma, and magnetism of Danielle de Niese in particular was fascinating, and the final duet between Norina and Ernesto - I was mesmerised...

Anonymous 7th August 2013

Don Pasquale was a triumph from every point of view. Costumes and sets were delightful, conductor and orchestra fizzed with energy and enthusiasm, the supporters were funny and the principals were superb. Danielle de Niese was quite amazing, her witty acting and that wonderful voice had us spellbound. A totally memorable evening of joyous opera.Icannot remember a better.This is what it should be like!

J Holloway 16th August 2013

The happy smiling faces of the departing audiences say it all. Unlike another person commenting I much prefer this version to the tour ending. Pasquale sadly accepting a cup of tea just cracks me up.

pcboswell78 14th August 2013

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