Tuëma Pattie

Tuëma Pattie
Stalls Gallery 

Tuëma Pattie was born in Dublin and studied at Belfast College of Art, the Central School of Art and Design and Morley college, London. She has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Royal Hibernian Summer Exhibition, Cork Street Gallery and the Mall Gallery London. She has also exhibited at the Chichester Open, the Glyndebourne Opera House, the Moncrieff Bray Gallery at Petworth, the East Hampshire Art Fair, and is regularly featured at the Jorgensen Gallery in Dublin.

Tuëma has carried out many commissions and has had her work used on the covers of Festival and Exhibition programmes.

Tuëma is now painting with the Sussex Group of painters and with Robin Child in Devon.

"Creating a painting is half what is seen and understood and half what lies in the imagination of the artist. As the poet or writer does with his or her "act of creation", the facts are there: it is how one brings them to life that matters".

More information can be found at www.tuemapattieart.co.uk

Below are images of Tuema's work from Festival 2012 (left to right):
Ferns at Glyndebourne
Mahonia in Autumn at Glyndebourne
Corner of the Old House at Glyndebourne
The Lake at Glyndebourne
From the Wild Garden at Glyndebourne
From the Rose Garden at Glyndebourne
Below the Rehearsal Room at Glyndebourne
Theatre from the Rose Garden at Glyndebourne

Catalog No. 41. The Ferns below the Terrace. 50cm x 75cm.
Catalog No. 44. The Mahonia in Autumn, Glyndebourne. 50cm x 75cm.
Catalog No. 43. The Corner of the Old House, Glyndebourne. 50cm x 75cm
Catalog No. 41. The Lower Lake, Glyndebourne. 50cm x 75cm.
Catalog No. 46. The Wild Garden, Glyndebourne. 50cm x 75cm.
Catalog No. 46. From the Rose Garden, Glyndebourne. 50cm x 75cm.
Catalog No. 46. Herbaceous Border, Glyndebourne. 50cm x 75cm.
Catalog No. 45. The New Theatre from the Rose Garden. 75cm x 50cm.

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