On Such a Night

Originally released in 1956, On Such a Night is a charming and captivating piece of Glyndebourne history. The 37-minute film was described by former Manager of the Glyndebourne Festival Moran Caplat as a 'little jewel'.

Directed by Anthony Asquith and starring David Knight, Marie Lohr and Josephine Griffin, the quintessentially English film tells the tale of an American tourist who, arriving at Victoria station in London with the intention to visit the picturesque South Downs, follows a group of well-dressed opera goers to Glyndebourne in search of the elusive 'New Countess'. There he watches his first opera - Le nozze di Figaro - of which a number of original and rare excerpts of live performance are included.

Now re-released and digitally restored from the material preserved by the British Film Institute National Archive, On Such a Night is available on DVD ensuring that now, almost 55 years after it was made, it can delight audiences all over again.

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Soon we will be with you in Glyndebourne, traveling there from Chicago via London. We hope you didn't go to the trouble of finding this footage just for us!

David Martin and Hunghai Su

Dear Glyndebourne,
Thank you so much for forwarding “On such a night”. I think I first saw this film in Daressalaam, then Tanganyika at the British Council in ?? 1958 or 1959 and was hooked. When we returned to the UK, a cousin took me to Glyndebourne about 1962 and told me to put my name on the waiting list and in due course I became a member and my visits to Glyndebourne are the highlights of each year.

with best wishes for the coming season

Catherine Pike

Thank you for letting us know about On Such a Night - I saw it when it first came out in 1955 and would love to see it again

Catherine Porteous

Thank you – what a lovely way to spend a wet afternoon in Sussex! I would not have fancied walking back to Alfriston after the performance...................

Margie Wilson-Smith

What a complete and utter delight! Many congratulations to whoever had the brilliant idea of enabling us to see this gem. Thank you! It brought back memories of my own first evening, with Soderstrom and Strauss in I think 1973. Equally magical

David McLaren

The "new Countess" is sadly with us no more. RIP Sena Jurinac (24 Oct 1921 – 22 November 2011). "Dove sono i bei momenti di dolcezza e di piacer …?"

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