Sing Up Seahaven

Children singing

As part of the Government's Initiative to enhance singing within Primary Schools Glyndebourne has formed Sing Up Seahaven, a Sing Up Community.

Sing Up Seahaven is an 18-month programme designed to include the whole school within singing activities aimed at both Primary and transition year children. The project is one of 25 specially-funded national projects being run as part of Sing Up, a Government initiative to 'help kids find their voice'. This Sing-Up community is led by freelance project manager Nancy Gillio-Terry, working with Glyndebourne vocal tutors and primary schools in the communities of Newhaven, Peacehaven, Seaford and Ringmer.

The aim is to encourage and song-based activites for all children in primary schools within the project's area whilst also supporting teachers in using song to improve learning across the broader curriculum.

The project also aims to develop the skills of existing and potential vocal leaders contributing to sustainability of singing in schools.

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