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Siân WilkinsSian Wilkins
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Raised in Lewes, Siân Wilkins was lucky enough to attend dress rehearsals at Glyndebourne as a schoolgirl, thanks to her best friend Simone's father being Moran Caplat, the then General Director of the Opera House.

She spent four years at Brighton College of Art, taking an honours degree in graphic design. She is a regular exhibitor at the Glyndebourne Gallery and has designed Christmas Cards and two souvenir mugs for the Opera House, drawing her inspiration from the endlessly engaging outré styles and eccentricities of the Glyndebourne audience.

Her watercolours have also been exhibited at the Francis Iles Gallery in Rochester, The Edward Ash Gallery in Farnborough, The Studio in Otford and in a two-artist show at the Greenwich Gallery in London.

Siân lives in rural East Sussex and is a regular visitor to, and painter of, Venice.

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Catalog No. 50. Old Dandies. 25cm x 16cm. £395.
Catalog No. 53. San Pellegrino. 25cm x 16cm. £395.
Catalog No. 48. Waiting for the bell. 25cm x 16cm. £395.
Catalog No. 47. Old Friends. 25cm x 16cm. £395.
Catalog No. 51. Solitary Splendour. 25cm x 16cm. £395.
Catalog No. 52. Girl in Pink. 25cm x 16cm. £395.
Catalog No. 54. A Calm Moment. 25cm x 16cm. £395.

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