Previous Exhibitors

University of Brighton student Johnathan Stevenson exhibited in our stalls gallery during Glyndebourne on Tour.
Deborah Bell is a leading South African painter and sculptor whose work is created in dialogue with multiple worlds, texts, histories and consciousnesses.
John Caple's work is rooted in the landscape and histories of the Mendip Hills but also explores the connections between physical and interior landscapes that people hold within themselves.
Carol Peace is a sculptor who could not work without drawing, like a musician playing the musical scales; it provides the artist with a deeper understanding of her subject.
The inspiration for Lucy Unwin’s steel and stone work derives from natural forms, be it organic shapes found in nature or, the human figure itself.
Clem Moyes exhibited in our stalls gallery during Glyndebourne on Tour.
Lachlan Goudie lives and works in London. The scope of his work is broad, incorporating portraiture, still life and landscape painting.
Siân Wilkins studied graphic design at Brighton Art College. After a career in advertising, she has returned to Sussex and painting.

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