Lucy Unwin

Lucy UnwinLucy Unwin
Glyndebourne Gardens

The inspiration for Lucy Unwin’s steel and stone work derives from natural forms, be it organic shapes found in nature or, the human figure itself. She currently works from her studio in the Cotswolds countryside, a location which can be seen to clearly influence her work and its subject matter.

Her steel work concentrates on the human form but is always reflective of its settings; the architectural, net like effect of the steel she sculpts ensures that each work merges beautifully with its landscape as if it has grown from the ground up.

In ‘Merriment’, the group of three graceful dancers, lost in their own world depict a beautiful Matisse-like interpretation. They are strong yet fluid in their movement. The lone, stationary figure in ‘Contemplation’ achieves a sense of solidity which is heavily represented within the galvanised steel used in Lucy’s figurative sculptures.

This strength can attributed to not only the material itself but by the immensely physical creation process; something that Lucy relishes and considers as an essential element of the creative process, bringing her closer to the subject matter.

Lucy Unwin was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and grew up and was educated in East Anglia. She studied Fine Art Sculpture at Winchester School of Art graduating in 2006 with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture.

Lucy is represented by Gallery. A full profile, details of upcoming exhibitions and an interview can be found here:

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Contemplation  Sorry, this item has been sold.
The Three Graces After Rubens
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Snettisham II
Lucy making her work
Lucy making her work


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