Julika de Fouw

Julika de Fouw
Stalls Gallery

Julika's work is an expressionistic fusion of influences from Velasquez, Sargent, Schiele to Rauchenberg.  Born and raised in the Netherlands, she went on to study painting in Florence, and from this classical and disciplined background Julika has used life experiences to develop a more lively and uninhibited style of painting, reflecting the nuances of her everyday contemporary world.  

A fascination for human form and a deep understanding of the human body blend with her free and easy manner, culminating in a relaxed and contemporary style of portrait painting. Her enthusiasm for travel is reflected in the understanding and harmony of colour and light which she so successfully combines to reveal the timeless nature of the scenes she paints. 

Her most recent paintings reflect snapshots of the world around her in which light and atmosphere play an important role. Captured moments, that inspire the viewer to step into the painting and create their own story.

Julika would admit that her traditionally honed skills are strongly suggestive of the Dutch School, but nevertheless her paintings are refreshingly modern.

Further information can be found at www.julikadefouw.co.uk

A landscape
A portrait
Child Looking Towards Mother
Child Sleeping
Figure in Bed
Mother and Child in Bed
Mother and Child

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